Swim Miami: Silvia Ulson & KOA

Morning beauties ♥♥

Let’s dive right in to the shows from Swim Miami 2017! Friday night we saw 3 shows all at the W Hotel in South Beach, these two were my absolute favorite. They combined their shows and I thought it was a brilliant idea since swim week like fashion week is terribly over-booked with shows back to back. Unless you have tiny motors on the back of your Louboutin’s and they can shuffle you back and forth 5 blocks in a matter of moments, I would say 3-4 shows per night is most realistic.

Silvia Ulson was my favorite line from the week! It was so girly and pretty and the shoes were super classy. I love the detail and styling that went into each and every look. I thought the fruit was a great touch along with the feathers and crocheting. The models were beautiful and again, not perfect, they were real women. Most of them very tall real women but they it makes girls like me feel beautiful when I see models have cellulite, stretch marks and a little jiggle where it counts! Great job on that, great marketing there. Let’s check out some of the swimwear. Which is your favorite? This one is definitely mine! Gorgeous! #NailedIt

Shop Silvia Ulson Here



Photos: Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

PS- we scored front row 🙂 What a great swag bag, thank you ladies!


Following Silvia Ulson was KOA Swim a reversible line. I liked this line as well because it’s simple and to the point. This line is the type of swimwear I like to wear to the beach, well most of it. The one piece with the cut out may make it  a little difficult to get a normal tan but the one pieces are great. And I really love the one piece with the deep V as well, which was quite a trend at the show as well as mesh and cutout one pieces, one shoulder, off the shoulder and cheeky, cheeky lots of booty. This is a great style for an older woman who maybe has had a baby and is not comfortable exposing all of her body but still wants to feel sexy. And, these are reversible! How fantastic.. two in one! Here is my favorite, which is yours?

Shop KOA Here

Favorite party on a yacht suit ⇓


Favorite everyday suit ⇓



Photos Fraser Harrison for Getty Images

Did you enjoy my recap? I hope you loved it as much as I love these shows! What a great experience. Thanks Miami!

Xo, Cheers!

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