Making a Splash with Sports Illustrated

Hey darling divas, good morning all ♥

One of my favorite shows that VStylist and I attended during SWIMMIAMI was the Sports Illustrated show. It was a mob scene, I am sure you can imagine but well worth it. This was the big one on Saturday night at 8pm. Everyone gathered ’round to watch as the lights shined down, the music raised loud and the gorgeous models shimmied down the catwalk of the W Hotel Wetdeck.

To be honest, the suits were nice but the show was amazing. I LOVED that they included models of all types. The models were confident in who they are and owned the body they have and it made them so beautiful. It made people like myself want to embrace the body I have. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I am going to eat pizza and drink beer every night but it made me realize that flaws are beautiful. It makes us who we are. Those scars tell a story and we all have a different one. We should not be ashamed in this. So 5 stars and an A+ to Sports Illustrated for putting on a fantastic show with a super fun ending.

The editor and a model took a splash in the pool, it was a hit!


Check out all the beauties below… which is your fave?

Images Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

Here are my faves ⇑⇑⇑

What I love about these suits is that they are practical and wearable. A lot of the time in these shows, the swimwear shown is not really something you can wear to the beach and get a good tan. They are made more for fashion purposes; i.e. yachts, pools parties etc. I love a good deconstructed swimsuit just as much as the next person but I don’t love funky tan lines so SI did a great job showing off simple suits for those great, lay-on-the-beach all day kinda days 🙂

Images by Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

Xo, Cheers!

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