SWIM MIAMI: Lila Nikole & Frankie’s Bikinis

Good Morning ♥

The last two shows VStylist and I attended on Saturday night after the SI show was Lila Nikole and then Frankie’s Bikinis. They were both hosted at “the tent” at The Vintro Hotel a few blocks down from the W. The tent was set up like  a more traditional tented fashion show.

Lila Nikole ‘s line is awesome. It is colorful and fun with a touch of sass. I loved how she incorporated children and men in the show, which I had not seen the entire swim week. The models were great, the children were adorable and the line was upbeat. Definitely one of the top shows for me. Some of the “trends” I saw at swim week were cut-out and mesh one pieces, deep V’s, one shoulder and lots of booty!!!!

My faves ⇓⇓⇓.. wonder why!? *Smirk*

which are your faves?

Images Alexander Tamargo for Getty Images

Frankie’s Bikiniswas the last show we attended. It was crazy. The line, or lack there of to get in was ridiculous. Everyone was pushing and shoving. It was like a stampede of 200 people trying to get through two doors at the same time; like Justin Timberlake was waiting inside with a bottle of Cakebread and a brand new car!

The bikinis and the show was great. It was really fun and I LOVED how she had movies from the 90s playing. I am all about the 90s, so that definitely got a star from me. The suits were cute, the hair on the models was perfectly long and straight like Barbie. Frankie’s swimwear is wearable and cute, it has practicability along with style! We see more of the mesh one pieces, one shoulder & cheeky designs here as well!

Here’s my faves ⇓⇓⇓

Which are your faves?

Images by Alexander Tamargo for Getty Images

Xo, Cheers!

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