How to Wear a Backless Romper or Dress

Happy Friday beauty queens ♥

How are we holding up in the hot Florida weather? Or whichever kind of summer weather you are having. I know down here, the less clothes in August the better and this romper is perfect for the hot summer months.

I bought this beauty from Poppy Apparel ⇒See “Shop My Style” page. On the website it showed it being a more navy color but when I received it, it was a royal blue which I was happier with. I did not like the belt it came with so I replaced it with my own from Nine West.

This particular romper is a bit tighter in the chest so I was able to go bare, however, if you cannot just throw a little tape on ’em, they will survive. I like this though because it does actually hold them up so you do not have to wear anything. This is a medium and pretty true to size. It is very form fitting around the hips and the waist and forgiving in the belly area (Hallelujah!)

Get it here and use code STYLEMYMIND10 for 10% off your order ⇒ Royal Blue Romper


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

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