Men’s Monday; Accessories

Hey guys ♠

Happy Monday! Today’s blog is on my favorite men’s accessories. We will be featuring, sunnies, hats and watches!

Sunnies ⇒ brought to you by

These are my top 3 picks for men’s eye wear. I love a little color pop, show a little boldness! The classic aviator never goes out! And classic Wayferers are in the same boat. Cool & classy just the way we like yas! I LOATHE the skinny sport sunglasses, they are old-manish & not sexy at all.


Hats –>brought to you by

I love fedors, all & every fedora. I also really love when guys wear paperboy hats, I love them; don’t be shy guys! And the ever-so-classic straw fedora hat that says maybe I am going to the beach, or maybe I am mowing the lawn… who knows but still these are my top 3!

Last but not least, watches…

Watches–> brought to you by

Keep is simple & classy. I prefer Movado because of those two reasons. I don’t like a lot of junk in or on a man’s watch. I do like this Fossil for boating or a day watch though, the only approval! You got your classy, your outdoorsy & your sporty all right here!


XO, Cheers! Jenn


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