Where to Find the Best Swim Sales

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Happy almost Labor day aka happy end of summer sale shopping! This is the best time of year, especially for Floridians because our summer is still about two months from being over and we still get the purged left-overs at the stores! Yeah, sometimes it may take you a while to find your size or matching tops and bottoms but for the most part now is the time of year to stock up on next year’s suits! This suit was from Mirina Collections but I have found it cheaper at T&J Designs on their Instagram page & use their anniversary code for 25% off ANNI25.





H&M is running about 40% off and some cuties to offer. What I love about H&M is that you can mix and match pretty easily and the fit is good. A lot of their plain suits can run anywhere from $5 a piece to $15. Some of the fancier tops and bottoms will run anywhere from $25-45. The sale has just started so I am sure 40% will soon turn to 60%.


⇒Shop Urban Oufitters

I never checked into UO for swim but I really like it. And they feature one of the designers from MIAMI SWIM Frankie’s Bikinis. One pieces were hot this summer and UO has a ton of sexy ones! Looks like they are about 30% for the start of the sale!


⇒Shop ASOS

I love ASOS and they have up to 70% off of 61 pages of swimwear! This is a must visit site. They have some great looks and the prices are just as great. ASOS is a affordable fashion and they have basics to swim to accessories and shoes. They even have men’s! Check it out!

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