Vintage Style with Modage

Good Morning!!! ♥

Are we ready to break out the boots yet? We all know that is the BEST part about fall fashion, am I right? I can’t wait to wear mine. I have stocked up on some great booties, but I always have my fall back to faves; my over-the-knee riding boots! I bought them for Europe in 2015 and still have them to this day from Kohl’s.

One of the “trends” this fall is vintage; a lot of vintage. Vintage plaid, vintage necklines, vintage fur… etc! You know I work with a great vintage designer who modernizes vintage finds and resells it! I did a photoshoot for her in July and broke out my OTK boots which looked AH-MaZiNg with this Modage dress. Please excuse my hair… this was in the trenches of summer [Humidity + Rain = Devil}. How cute is though for real??

Check out her site for more like this!


IMG_9814IMG_9815IMG_9816Xo, Cheers!

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