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Being that we are moving into the “colder” months I wanted to take a moment to spotlight my skin products and how I make sure I take extra care of my skin in the colder months.

In the last year or so between my level of stress and my job, (stress + staring at a computer screen) and the sun, I started to notice my 11s getting deeper and deeper. I thought about botox but I didn’t really want to mess with my skin like that just yet. I searched high and low for different wrinkle creams and nothing worked. When I met with a co-worker in Philly I asked how old she was and she said my age and I said “well you have the best skin I have ever seen in my life what do you use?!” She said “KIEHL’S“.




Ironically enough in my Birchbox that month was the Kiehl’s cleansing wash. During the #NSale Marissa & I went into Nordstrom and I got the Kiehl’s eye cream. The large 1.7 will run you about $60 or so. I also bought Fab Girl Slim which contains caffeine to tighten up the pores, a rose spray and lavender coconut oil. I use all of these products, along with my Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kit before bed. I also apply the Kiehl’s and rose spray in the morning as well. What a difference. It has been a little over a month now and they have diminished and I have talked 3 of my friends into buying the cream! I wish I had a before picture but I don’t because I have edited all of them to hide the 11s. I do get a lot of compliments saying how great my skin looks lately and that I am “glowing”… well it’s not a baby so must be my skincare!



I am also still using my Bodyography microderm & daily wash as well! You must try it … use STYLEMYMIND25 for 25% off!


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

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