Fall Fashion; Vintage Necklines

Hey fashion lovers ♥

Ugh, my heart & this dress… I can’t. On Thursday September 28, VSylist hosted a fabulous sip ‘n’ shop at Scout & Molly Hyde Park in South Tampa. We sipped Prosecco, chit-chatted & layered up our crossed arms with as many beautiful pieces of cloth we could manage until a dressing room became vacant. This was the atmosphere I felt most in my element (besides church). I was with amazing women who were lifting each other up, spilling beauty secrets & smiling from eat to ear. It was a perfect night.


My girlfriend Martine & I at Scout & Molly’s with hand-made floral crowns. Queen status!

I walked out of the boutique that night with one perfectly more than perfect dress. I know you are completely aware I am on some Blair Waldorf Style high right now and search high and low for fantastically classy looks with high or bowed necklines and this night was not any different. I tried on a few things and they were all so gorgeous but I was craving something that slapped me in the face with perfection, haha (kinda like my relationships *taps finger tips, looks around*) then  I saw this vintage inspired diamond in the rough of the back sale rack. Hello my name is queen Jenn I like tapered waist-lines, zumba and rose.

There was no question in my mind that I was going to own this dress. Where I would wear it…?? The fabric is stunning and the sewing on the neck and wrists are impeccable. Tamy invited me to a fantastic event the following weekend, City. Fashion + Art + Culture at the Art Museum and I knew it would be perfect.


The event was catered by Eddie V’s. WOW! Just WOW!


With high neckline it’s best to wear slicked back or partially slicked back hair and a minimal earring. The dress did not need much to accessorize it but I threw on a gold-silver ombre sparkle pump by Jessica Simpson and a silver clutch from Express. The lip could be none other than red. I felt so classic. I literally felt like a queen on Friday.

My best advice, when there is a an outfit or dress that you feel like a million bucks in, even if it is a million bucks you grab it. Because the feeling you get when you rock it, is priceless.




Check out Scout & Molly’s Hyde Park (the dress is actually the front page of the site!) Ask for Jaca, she is the manager & she is AMAZING! Tell her Jenn sent you!!

XO, Cheers!

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