Fall Look Book: Fashion for Women & Men

Hello my fabulous readers & welcome ♥

Fall fashion is probably my most favorite season. Yes, it’s a season in it’s own honestly. I think most girls would have to agree it’s the best time of the year to get dressed in the morning. Men, not so sure, but I am hoping this look book blog will make up your mind! In this blog I am going to give a quick overview of my favorite fall looks for women and men. I will be going into further detail in blogs to come! Enjoy!


  • Casual Cassie – haha! No but really I love denim. I just keeping buying jeans. These Black Orchid distressed beauties from Scout & Molly in Hyde Park (Tampa, FL) are amazing. They are relaxed fit meets party gal.
  • Booties are my fall go-to down here. Wearing a knee-high boot in Florida happens for about 7-10 days a year.


Everything in this photo is from Scout & Molly’s Boutique in Hyde Park (Tampa)


  • A clutch is like an accessory, which is why I love when they have great hardware!
  • The Vince Camuto booties I have on are made of amazing suede. They are so soft & comfy!


  • I love, love, love a great vest & a perfect fitting tee.
  • Slides are IT for fall ’17 and these are TO.DIE.FOR! Who doesn’t love studded flats?


Fabu-Clutch is necessary!


Another great, relaxed fall look.


  • One of the biggest fall fashion misconception is that you can’t wear white in fall.
    F A L S E
  • You have to do it right, so here’s a few looks that would most definitely be appropriate to wear out after Labor Day!


  • A denim shirt with white denim is one of my favorite looks… period!


  • This is one of my favorite looks from the shoot. I wanted to show you ladies that it’s totally okay to mix & match. I am still wearing my white denims, but threw on a feminine rose colored tank with some red accessories. This is a great look because it’s a little kick-ass topped with girly sass.


Military & country… what a great combo! God Bless America!


  • I just love bomber jackets, don’t you?  With this one I paired this fantastic floral & paisley bomber with a black tee that has a little pizzaz detailing down the front.
  • Another misconception, black & tan is okay. Black & brown apparently is too, but personally I do not like black & dark brown. Tans, creams, nude, taupe… fine 🙂



  • Go-to booties are a must have staple in the wardrobe!



Here are some of my top men’s fashion looks!

  • Bonobos has some great pants for men. They have these great relaxed, fitted pants called chinos. I love when men wear pants that tailored appropriately, it does matter guys! When you wear ill-fitting pants it can make you look larger or shorter than you really are.
  • This classy gentleman below is sporting them!


  • They also have a more fitted pants like my friend Matt here is wearing! Matt who works with me  told me he loves to wear Bonobos fitted pants & clothing for men!
  • Matt is casual & comfortable in his Friday work-attire. He looks like could be going to the office, to possibly swap out the shoes for some golf cleats & hit the green or maybe a quick happy hour with some co-workers (we were totally going to HH & he rocked his grey Chinos really well there!).


  • Men, I always get the question what color to wear with grey when black is not obvious. You can definitely wear brown with grey like Matt here. I prefer blues with browns, especially a navy. Black would have been too much of a contrast with Matt’s blue.


Hi Hayley! Heated convo over a parking space 😀




  • Another look I love on men is sweaters. I love a man in a chunky sweater. Men’s fashion is all about layering by the way. It’s like the more layers you wear, the hotter we think you look, even if you are sweating your buttons off!
  • This guy makes me want to cuddle, just sayin’! He is so casual & cozy. All he needs is some hot cocoa, fire place & a good book!


  • This is the coolest man I have ever seen. It really does not get better than this guys.
  • A casual sweater, ripped denim & some Converse. C’mon! Who isn’t swooning?
  • I want to go sit in a cafe with this dude & listen to some great music & drink some great beer (JK I don’t drink beer!).


  • This is the second coolest guy I have ever seen. We all love a distressed leather jacket. He pulls this look off fantastically. And would you look at that layering! He nailed it. Loving the cuff!


  • This cutie takes it to the next level with a flannel shirt tied around his waist. UGH I love a man who is bold enough to try something like this. Combat boots are so hot also. I have a pair & I wish I could wear them more. They make me feel like Lara Croft. 


Well I hope you enjoyed my fast & furious quick fall fashion look book. I will be elaborating on some of the looks in the upcoming weeks!

XO, Cheers all!

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