What I Wore in Nashville

Hey babes ♥

I planned out my Nashville style a few weeks earlier. I grabbed a few things at Fab’rik during the summer sale. I brought two pair of booties, a pair of Jessica Simpson cowboy boots and back up flip flops. I wanted to appear country-chic but not like a tourist. No one in Nashville wears cowboy hats, bananas or boots 24/7 and it is the bachelorette party capital (two things I have learned!).


Day one was cold as hell and we were traveling so I went with stretchy black jeans, a white tee (shocker) and threw on the go-to plaid shirt. I threw on a hat to protect my hair the best I could and cut-out booties from Fab’rik. Make sure you have good walking shoes!! I never wore these so I was a little concerned but they were super comfortable and I got them from less than $20. I don’t think they have them anymore but check out Fabrik Shoes Here. 


Here is another outfit I got from Fab’rik as well! I wore the same jeans, shoes and hat, yes! I have learned to pack lighter and I am SO glad! It’s best to plan the outfits out then over pack… trust me!



I am fairly certain this was my cousins dress! Haha! I wore this one out to the bar. I got my Jessica Simpson boots on Amazon for $35. I paired them with ruffle socks and this cotton dress. I definitely had a lot more clothes on than the other girls but I was still able to snag free drinks all night and a lot of compliments! See girls, it’s not always about the T & A! Amazon is out but shop Jessica Simpson Boots Here!





Funny enough, these Vince Camuto plum booties KILLED my feet. But that could have been because I made Jo walk all of Nashville 16 times in search of a Nash cap! It was hot this day but I still brought a cotton plaid shirt. Best investment here was is my Gucci Belt Bag. It’s ok because it’s Gucci, right!? Great for trips! It is small but very convenient!

1. Plan outfits ahead of time
2. Wear comfy shoes
3. Don’t look like a tourist
4. Have belt bag or crossbody
5. Plan where you want to see ahead of time!

Hope this helps!

Xo, Cheers!


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