Mens-wear Monday

Hey guys ♣

So I have really wanted to keep doing Men’s Monday posts because they get a lot of love however, I hated not having my own content. But, my wonderfully tall and “model-esque” friend Brett let me style and shoot him this weekend. I am so excited to share our men’s fall/winter styles with you.

One of my favorite color combos on a man is navy blue and brown. Brett is wearing navy dress pants with a light blue and navy button-down. This is a great look in the office or maybe a date night. You can swap out the blue pants for dark denim for a more dressed down look.



The next look is a more dressed down, Florida look for the holidays. Since it’s still warm here, you can definitely get away with wearing khaki linen pants. I paired the pants with a darker tone button-down for a holiday vibe. I love maroon too and I like the contrast of these two colors together. I chose a dark brown belt and shoes unlike the above look, we did a more camel, mid-brown color. Another easy one to pop on some jeans for a low key look.




How you cuff your shirts are important too. If you are going to roll them up make sure they are right above your elbow. Brett just folds his twice so that the cuff is not clunky but rather a smooth fold.


I am going to be doing 3-4 segments of different men’s fall attire, so keep reading to find out what else we like to see you in guys!

Xo, Cheers!

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