Mens-wear Monday 2

Hey guys thanks for coming back and checking out my Men’s Monday post. Brett’s back for more action and this week he’s bringing us some casual denim looks for fall. Let’see what we have…

The first look is a dark jean with a grey button-up outlines in a blue plaid pattern. I love this because I love anything with a color pop and I love when guys take a chance on being a little bold. Again with this being Florida, this is really the “night on the town” look guys should be going for. We styled this look with a sleek Movado (my fave! see Men’s Accessories Blog) and a stylish black shoe.

Some of my favorites from Nordstrom are on sale. Some of these have the contrasted cuff like Brett’s which I am a big fan of.






The second look we decided on was a brighter blue and dark denim. If there is anything I love its dark denim with brighter colors. You can wear with or without the tie. I really liked the colors in the tie with this shirt so we threw it in. This a good look for a holiday party that’s maybe on the casual side.



This shirt actually photoed a little brighter than it is. It’s more like a deep curlean blue and totally wearable in a Florida fall.

PS- Brett says only tuck your button-downs into your jeans if you are an old man in Oklahoma going to a business meeting.

…good to know!


Tune in soon for men’s dress-wear, coming up next!

Xo, Cheers!

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