“Change Your Life” Kinda Products

Hey dolls ♥

I wanted to do a quick product blog because  lately everyone has been telling me how great I look. I don’t know if it’s that I love my job now, less stress in my life, new vitamins or facial products…. or the combination of everything but I wanted to share some of my faves with you.
**No I am not getting paid for sharing these!

Here is my bedtime routine!

Holy Grail Beauty Co.


I just bought the calming chamomile daily cleanser  by Holy Grail Beauty Co to mix with below, NEEDCRYSTALS. Which are micro-derm mini crystals, like sand almost. I like it because it’s dry so I can mix with a cleanser, or water or coconut oil! I also just started using Holy Grail hydrating clay mask. My sister and my friend Olivia said they both use them and since I love being a homebody I thought this would be good to do at night watching Grey’s Anatomy while I whiten my teeth!


IMG_4646 (1)

Advanced Clinicals


First I apply my hyaluronic acid *pat, pat, pat!! DO NOT RUB INTO YOUR SKIN LADIES! It stretches the skin even more which causes… you guessed it, wrinkles!* I apply this to the t-bone, and my crows feet. Then I do the same with the collagen, I also use the collagen two times a day on my lips which I can attest has given me a fuller pout! Lastly I apply the coconut oil to my face. I also use Kiehl’s daily as well. I just got the green coffee bean so I am not sure how that’s going to work YET, but I will report back! It is a thick consistency and I enjoy the smell 🙂

The best part about these products (except Kiehl’s) is they are all UNDER $10!!!!

Picture 1: Feb 2017 (no Isotonix, no face product- check out the lips!)
Picture 2: Nov 2017 (3 months of Isotonix, 1 month of Advanced Clinicals)


More testimonials:

My friend, Tamy Lugo, of VStylist is the one who introduced me to these products and I am so thankful. She also did a review based on her experience with the products as well, which were all positive! (Linked above).

Hair Products


My two new favorite hair products are for that Jersey girl big hair look. I love textured non-greasy roots. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is unreal. It is literally the best product I have used, next to their dry shampoo! It is pricey but SO worth it! Big Head by Bed Head is a foam that you use on damp hair prior to blow drying. I put this on the top layer as well as at the root in the front and a layer underneath. Then I will take a round brush to lift the root. You can then take your fingers and kind of massage the scalp for some good height. These two are the dynamic duo!


My face and hair feel the best they ever had. Before you start questioning let me be 100% honest: my face in this picture is 100% NO MAKEUP, just the collagen! Yes I pencil in my eyebrows and yes I have clip in extensions I put in sometimes (not in this photo). Hope that clears it all up!

Like your health these are other necessities we must pay constant care to and really invest in for the long haul!

Xo, Cheers!

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