A MAUVElous Hue

Hey ladies ♥

So I have a few favorite colors for winter, like burgundy and evergreen. I felt like these were my go-to’s for fall/holiday months, but I also started buying a lot of mauve, accidentally and then when I got home I realized everything I bought was mauve haha! It was a realization how much I love it!!

Here are the reasons I love this color so much. I feel like even though it’s a pink hue, it still has some warmer tones in it so it can also be a great winter color that transitions perfectly into spring. I love it with darker colors like black or blue pants for work, or dark denim. I love the contrast. I think it’s a color that compliments my skin tone well. I have a pinkish tone to my skin so I think it makes my cheek color pop really well.

I couldn’t find this one online, I got it back Friday weekend at Zara but linking another like it. Lettuce Edge Mock Neck Top (only $9.99).



Draped Neck Cardigan from Zara 



How cute are these ripped mauve denims from Scout & Molly’s in Hyde Park? I know they are working on their site but here is a link to all their locations. I also found identical ones from American Eagle that I linked.







XO, Cheers!

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