Complimenting Colors

Ladies ♥ Hello!

One of my biggest misconceptions is that I do not look good in certain colors. One, red and two yellow. Apparently, I was wrong. Not tooting my own horn BUT, I wore red like once (that faux suede red dress) and people raved about it and how good the color complimented me. Interesting, I was never a big red fan but better give the people what they want, right?!


Yellow; I am still not sure about so this is why I am posting this… to get your opinion. I stayed away from yellow because I felt like with my hair it washed me out. This is more of a gold, rather than a bright yellow but I think I am feeling it?! What do you think?? I love anything with bows or pearls right now and of course bell sleeves. <—I linked mine here and also linked some other cuties below!

Tan Bell Sleeve
Tie Neck Lace Shirt
Yellow Silk Blouse

At first I had it paired with a Lauren Conrad A Line skirt and over the knee boots, which looked really cute. But as I was rummaging through my closet I came across my old Armani Exchange leather leggings and thought damn this would look great together, and not to my surprise, it did. I of course could not find the same ones but here is a great pair of BCBG leather leggings here. It’s all about quality people so this is something you want to invest in. 

And boy, oh boy I just love these leopard booties. They are Jessica Simpson again from like 3 years ago, Macy’s boot sale. Found these great contrast leopard booties though and I am really in love with them. SOLD! I don’t know, are they booties? I guess so. I got these at the Macy’s boot sale too about two years ago for $14. Yup! Fourteen bucks! I love them. Obviously I cannot find the exact ones but I linked another pair! The heels on mine are a little roughed up now because I wore them on Bourbon Street like an idiot but the front is still so pretty!!

My sunglasses I found in Marshall’s they are Nine West. I found a similar pair but they are trimmed with  black not gold.

My matte gloss is an Ultra Satin Liquid from Colour Pop called “Virginia”. I love the jewel tones right now; dark purple, gold, green and burgundy! THIS GLOSS IS ONLY $6 BY THE WAY!! *THANKS SISSY FOR THE RECOMMENDATION!*

My bag is Chanel that I got off of Poshmark. It apparently is something the VIP Chanel makeup clubbers receive. But I am linking an adorable ZAC Posen one here for less than $140.

Anyway, the idea of this blog is so that you step out of your comfort zone from what you THINK you look good in and try something a little more bold. What you may see is probably way different from the truth! Don’t get me wrong, there are colors that compliment some people more than others; brunettes, redheads, blondes etc, just like eye makeup.

Again a reminder, all my hyperlinks are directly linked to products in the photo or like items!






XO, Cheers!


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