How to Perfect the Beach Wave


I use either the GHD curling iron or John Frieda Loose Curls, both 1 1/4 inch. Every time I wash my hair, which is like once a week I apply Bed Head Small Talk which helps with the frizz and also Bed Head Big Head which is a roof lifter. The blow dryer is also GHD. These are definitely the best products in the market.




Blow dry and tease the hair with a teasing comb. Take your fingers (not a brush) and brush through it and comb down the frizzies until it looks like the below photo.





Part the hair (I do 3-4 layers depending on how thick the hair is) and run the curling iron straight down the hair 2-3 times to unfrizz and straighten it a bit. Star the curl about halfway down the hair and curl away from your face. Leave about an inch to an inch and a half out at the bottom DO NOT CURL THE ENDS! Leave for about 20 seconds and then pull the curling iron down the hair to elongate the curl. Then go back over the curl 2 times with the curling iron (straighten not curl) to loosen the curl like below.






Continue this process through the rest of the layers. Make sure to leave that piece out at the end. That is what is going to make it look more natural and beachy.






The back: everyone always asks me how to get the back of the hair. I pull it up and curl down, and then pull to the side like the below photos.






Run your fingers through the hair again. I then use Living Proof Texturizing Mist and then spray it with whatever hair spray you use. I use Sebastian Shaper Plus. I constantly pull the ends of the hair through out the day.








My fabulous hair dresser below, Jo Munday from Beautiful Design Spring Hill, FL! 


I do have a little video I will be posting on my social media as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

Makeup: Insta Smooth Primer by Motives, Foundation by Motives, Pressed Bronzer by Motives, Becca Chaser Highlighter,  L’Oreal Telecopic Mascara and Eyeliner, Buxom Lip Cream Hot Toddy.

XO, Cheers!


“Change Your Life” Kinda Products

Hey dolls ♥

I wanted to do a quick product blog because  lately everyone has been telling me how great I look. I don’t know if it’s that I love my job now, less stress in my life, new vitamins or facial products…. or the combination of everything but I wanted to share some of my faves with you.
**No I am not getting paid for sharing these!

Here is my bedtime routine!

Holy Grail Beauty Co.


I just bought the calming chamomile daily cleanser  by Holy Grail Beauty Co to mix with below, NEEDCRYSTALS. Which are micro-derm mini crystals, like sand almost. I like it because it’s dry so I can mix with a cleanser, or water or coconut oil! I also just started using Holy Grail hydrating clay mask. My sister and my friend Olivia said they both use them and since I love being a homebody I thought this would be good to do at night watching Grey’s Anatomy while I whiten my teeth!


IMG_4646 (1)

Advanced Clinicals


First I apply my hyaluronic acid *pat, pat, pat!! DO NOT RUB INTO YOUR SKIN LADIES! It stretches the skin even more which causes… you guessed it, wrinkles!* I apply this to the t-bone, and my crows feet. Then I do the same with the collagen, I also use the collagen two times a day on my lips which I can attest has given me a fuller pout! Lastly I apply the coconut oil to my face. I also use Kiehl’s daily as well. I just got the green coffee bean so I am not sure how that’s going to work YET, but I will report back! It is a thick consistency and I enjoy the smell 🙂

The best part about these products (except Kiehl’s) is they are all UNDER $10!!!!

Picture 1: Feb 2017 (no Isotonix, no face product- check out the lips!)
Picture 2: Nov 2017 (3 months of Isotonix, 1 month of Advanced Clinicals)


More testimonials:

My friend, Tamy Lugo, of VStylist is the one who introduced me to these products and I am so thankful. She also did a review based on her experience with the products as well, which were all positive! (Linked above).

Hair Products


My two new favorite hair products are for that Jersey girl big hair look. I love textured non-greasy roots. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is unreal. It is literally the best product I have used, next to their dry shampoo! It is pricey but SO worth it! Big Head by Bed Head is a foam that you use on damp hair prior to blow drying. I put this on the top layer as well as at the root in the front and a layer underneath. Then I will take a round brush to lift the root. You can then take your fingers and kind of massage the scalp for some good height. These two are the dynamic duo!


My face and hair feel the best they ever had. Before you start questioning let me be 100% honest: my face in this picture is 100% NO MAKEUP, just the collagen! Yes I pencil in my eyebrows and yes I have clip in extensions I put in sometimes (not in this photo). Hope that clears it all up!

Like your health these are other necessities we must pay constant care to and really invest in for the long haul!

Xo, Cheers!

Don’t Wear a Jersey to Fit in on Sundays

Good Morning ♥

It’s football season. The weather starts to get cooler (well, except here) the leaves start to change, and the weekend becomes a 48 hour(ish) marathon of hot men in tights. Doesn’t sound so bad right? What does sound bad is ill-fitting football jerseys, plus they are just so hot for Florida. There are ways around this ladies. First of all, in case you didn’t see VStylist owner Tamy Lugo’s segment on What to Wear on Game Day on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend, be sure to do so (featuring, moi!)

There are a ton of cute tees that you can don on game day, this being one. I like generic game-day tees because they are versatile so you can wear them on college game day or NFL! You can wear it to the Buccs game or to support the home team, Eagles! It makes it easier for me because if I don’t wear TB gear then I get yelled at from my Florida fans! If I do, then I am called a trader from my Philly posse. So, this way it’s a win-win for me!

I got this particular shirt from Reese Witherspoon’s Nashville boutique, Draper James.


My shorts are from Fab’rik in South Tampa but they no longer have them, however, you can still snag them at Buckle. They are Flying Monkey, which is one of my favorite denim brands. I love mixing a little femininity to a men’s kind of day!
XO, Cheers!

My Skin Care Regime

Good Morning ♥

Being that we are moving into the “colder” months I wanted to take a moment to spotlight my skin products and how I make sure I take extra care of my skin in the colder months.

In the last year or so between my level of stress and my job, (stress + staring at a computer screen) and the sun, I started to notice my 11s getting deeper and deeper. I thought about botox but I didn’t really want to mess with my skin like that just yet. I searched high and low for different wrinkle creams and nothing worked. When I met with a co-worker in Philly I asked how old she was and she said my age and I said “well you have the best skin I have ever seen in my life what do you use?!” She said “KIEHL’S“.




Ironically enough in my Birchbox that month was the Kiehl’s cleansing wash. During the #NSale Marissa & I went into Nordstrom and I got the Kiehl’s eye cream. The large 1.7 will run you about $60 or so. I also bought Fab Girl Slim which contains caffeine to tighten up the pores, a rose spray and lavender coconut oil. I use all of these products, along with my Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kit before bed. I also apply the Kiehl’s and rose spray in the morning as well. What a difference. It has been a little over a month now and they have diminished and I have talked 3 of my friends into buying the cream! I wish I had a before picture but I don’t because I have edited all of them to hide the 11s. I do get a lot of compliments saying how great my skin looks lately and that I am “glowing”… well it’s not a baby so must be my skincare!



I am also still using my Bodyography microderm & daily wash as well! You must try it … use STYLEMYMIND25 for 25% off!


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

My New Loves: Mikasa Beauty & BodyographyPRO {review}

Good morning summer sweeties ♥

Happy Beauty Thursday! I have another secret I want to let you all in on, my favorite make up brushes & face make-up! I am dying in love with my Mikasa Beauty make up brushes & Bodyography concealer & bronzer!

I ordered 3 brushes from Mikasa the first time I heard of them & was not disappointed.

25% off coupon code: STYLEMYMIND25

Concealer Brush : great for under the eyes!

Blush Brush : literally, the best blush brush ever! And I love blush. Pro-brush, No contour for me!

Powder Brush : so soft on your face yet blends so well!

Bodyography PRO is also sold on Mikasa’s site & I am always looking for great face make-up so I gave it a shot. So glad I did!

Skin Perfecter Concealer : this is SO light on your face yet covers up those unwanted spots!

Lastly… my absolute.freaking.fave!!!


Sunsculpt Finishing Powder : I feel like this has made my whole look & face glow. But not overly “glowy”. Like not Jersey shore orange glow, but a perfect combo of matte & shine!  TRY IT!

Dress: La Pink Boutique in Tampa!


Xo, Cheers Jenn

What to Wear: Denim on White Denim

Rise & shine divas! White denim always makes me feel like such an adult. Like ok I can handle wearing white without spilling {clear drinks only please!}. One of the new styles sweeping the streets is white denim or white in general with jean denim and I have really taken a fancy to it.

I bought my white denims a few years back at Nordstrom Rack, they are the perfect fit! A little long, but all jeans usually are on me. Nothing a little folding can’t fix.


The shirt I found at Marshall’s. Mom bought me a gift card for Easter so I bought my derby hat and this off the shoulder, tie-sleeve denim top.


-Face by Bodyography & Mikasa Brushes
-Eyes Loreal Paris & Naked
-Lips Dr. Lipp

The necklace is gorgeous from White House Black Market, my doll of a friend Elizabeth bought me for my birthday!


My white wedges are 100 years old and I cannot remember for the life of me where they are from but they are super comfy and edged in gold, love white and gold!
Here are a few more editor picks for this look:

Xo, Cheers! Jenn

Summer Must Have Accessories, Target Style

Happy Memorial Day! Are you hitting the beach? Pool? Boat? Well, don’t forget your must haves to keep you lookin’ fab & protecting your eyes & skin!

The straw beach tote! Flashback Friday indeed. Everything comes full circle. This little gem is vintage made-over. There are so many styles to choose from. I love the ones with the furry puffs! Take your pick at (direct link below!)


Target Bags

Mirrored sunglasses are so cool right now. I have a pair of pink ones that are to die for. There are so many different styles for your face, so take a trip to Target to try these baby’s on to rock at your backyard BBQ this weekend! (Direct link to sunnies below)

Target Sunglasses

Not only are these hats so fab, but they protect your face as well. We always want to make sure to protect our eyes and skin especially if you live in Florida where the sun is extreme! Which is your fave? I am loving the fringe on this one! (Direct link to hats below)


Target Hats

XO, Cheers! Jenn