Accessorize to Maximize

Hey beauties! We are approaching the warmer months here in Florida but definitely still a bit chilly up there in the northeast huh?! So this one’s for you!! This is a great transitional look from winter to spring! I am wearing the heck out of these boots this season into the next!

So anyway, this year the plans and focus for my blog are going to be promoting and educating fashion lovers on how to style their wardrobe and shop smart! I do not spend a lot of money on clothing, unless it’s a staple or classic piece. I buy a lot yes, but, I do not buy full price, ever! Unless something is an absolute must-have I know I cannot get elsewhere. I want to help you think out of the box when you look at your wardrobe. I want you to be bold in your styling and not afraid to wear your personality on your sleeve, literally. Accessories are always your best friend. They can make an outfit.

That being said, let’s peek at my vintage look here. This was a gorgeous dress given to me by Rebecca of Vintage Modage. It is a size or so too large for me but I really really love it. I eventually want to get it taken in but in the meantime, I thought cinching the waist with a skinny black belt and pairing it with some great accessories would really make this dress perfection. (Mostly everything in this look is linked- just click on the hyperlinks!)


I styled this taupe, satin dress with a floppy wool hat, an adorable suede bucket bag from Scout & Molly’s in South Tampa and over-the-knee boots!

I topped it all off with some killer Quay Sunglasses from Scout & Molly’s as well. If you’re not in Tampa you can go right to the Quay site to grab them!

For a Pop! of color I threw on “Creeper” by Colour Pop. It’s a gloss that goes on liquid but dries matte and lasts all day and the best part is it’s ONLY $6! Linked above.

The idea behind this blog is to link you to affordable accessories and help you to understand that styling is what makes the outfit! I love this black suede bucket bag too. It just really pulls the whole outfit together.

Remember, all of my pieces are linked and embedded within the text. Just click on the hyperlinks 🙂






Xo, Cheers!

How to Perfect the Beach Wave


I use either the GHD curling iron or John Frieda Loose Curls, both 1 1/4 inch. Every time I wash my hair, which is like once a week I apply Bed Head Small Talk which helps with the frizz and also Bed Head Big Head which is a roof lifter. The blow dryer is also GHD. These are definitely the best products in the market.




Blow dry and tease the hair with a teasing comb. Take your fingers (not a brush) and brush through it and comb down the frizzies until it looks like the below photo.





Part the hair (I do 3-4 layers depending on how thick the hair is) and run the curling iron straight down the hair 2-3 times to unfrizz and straighten it a bit. Star the curl about halfway down the hair and curl away from your face. Leave about an inch to an inch and a half out at the bottom DO NOT CURL THE ENDS! Leave for about 20 seconds and then pull the curling iron down the hair to elongate the curl. Then go back over the curl 2 times with the curling iron (straighten not curl) to loosen the curl like below.






Continue this process through the rest of the layers. Make sure to leave that piece out at the end. That is what is going to make it look more natural and beachy.






The back: everyone always asks me how to get the back of the hair. I pull it up and curl down, and then pull to the side like the below photos.






Run your fingers through the hair again. I then use Living Proof Texturizing Mist and then spray it with whatever hair spray you use. I use Sebastian Shaper Plus. I constantly pull the ends of the hair through out the day.








My fabulous hair dresser below, Jo Munday from Beautiful Design Spring Hill, FL! 


I do have a little video I will be posting on my social media as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

Makeup: Insta Smooth Primer by Motives, Foundation by Motives, Pressed Bronzer by Motives, Becca Chaser Highlighter,  L’Oreal Telecopic Mascara and Eyeliner, Buxom Lip Cream Hot Toddy.

XO, Cheers!


Spring Accessory Picks




Lexington Stainless Steal Bangles

My guy friend asked me the other day if it was ok he was wearing a gold chain with a watch that had a few silver touches. I simply showed him my Alex & Ani stack and told him I love mixing gold and silver and I think it’s quite mythical saying you cannot. These bangles are nothing but gorgeous. I love how they tie all three metals together. These are a top pick for spring!



Large Sideways Initial Necklace

I am not a big fan of monogramming however this large sideways initial necklace is definitely something I have had my eye on. This necklace is short enough that you can layer it with a longer one, like below. It comes in silver or gold.



Champagne Cluster Necklace

I need this immediately. This is my favorite color right now, champagney-rose-blush. Yes I made that up. But how amazing is this? You can definitely layer this with some others like the initial necklace above or like the ones below.



Sideways Letter Initial Necklace 

This necklace is a little “less” than the large initial necklace. It’s a little more dainty. They also have one that is two letters but if I am going to wear an initial necklace one letter is the furthest I will go.



Faux Leather Disc Cluster Bracelet

UGH! I need this right now. It’s in my cart and being ordered. This is the best color on earth and it will tie all the accessories above together. I love bracelets that look like you have on a ton but it’s really only one, like this, or a wrap bracelet.

All of the accessories are from Harper & Jewels and are directly linked in the hyperlinked titles. USE MY CODE STYLEMYMIND for 15% off!!! 

XO, Cheers!


3 Ways to Wear Mauve

Hellooooo ♥ and welcome!

(Please make note, anything bold and underlined is a link for your convenience!)

So I know I already posted a blog about my love for the color mauve. And I am still crushing on it for spring especially. Here are some ways I styled up my favorite color this season.

Go with my favorite transitional look of jean shorts and booties. And how stinkin’ cute is this cape topper?? It’s super thin and a hot commodity this season. It’s perfect for those in between days. A similar one is linked above. This tank is a go-to mauve staple in my wardrobe. I put it all together with this fantastic faux stone and suede choker. **All outfits are from Scout & Molly’s in Hyde Park, Tampa (#shoplocal). And this Chloe look-a-like bucket bag.  I love the circle handles. It really adds something to the look. I linked another look-alike above for people who do not have a Scout & Molly’s locally.  Affordable fashion, that’s what we like!!

I love this double wrap-suede-choker too. It adds some western style to the look don’t you think? Linking a look-alike here!





I love this mauve puffer jacket. OMG! I saw it and needed to have it, but then was like Oh wait, I live in Florida so I’ll just use it as a prop haha! But one is linked here . 

If you are local to a boutique, pop in and check out this adorable tie-dye dress that was just released for spring. A must-have for this season. You can’t really tell in the picture but there is hints of mauve in this beauty. I linked a look-alike above!




Here are the mauve denims I recently wrote about with another look. I love this mint ruffled top. This whole look just screams pastels for spring please! We are totally ready for flowers and picnics. Or just a day out shopping in Hyde Park. If you’re there swing by to grab this whole look and make sure you told them Jenn sent ya! Oh here is the fedora. I am really obsessed with beach fedoras, they are a staple in my wardrobe.




XO, Cheers!

Transitional Fashion from Winter to Spring





Ah! One of my favorite parts of fashion is transitioning from one season to the next. It’s like Ok, it’s still chilly but we are moving into the warmer months (in Florida haha), how do I dress? I think this is when you can have some fun with your style.

This outfit below is from Scout & Molly’s in Hyde Park, Tampa. I believe they are still working on their site but click the link above for locations near you. Look at the back of this sweater,  I am just totally obsessed with this sweater. I love my little 70s look below. And I am still hearting embroidered denim. I think it needs to stick around a little longer, right? These are go-to Vince Camuto booties. They are ankle booties so you can wear them with jeans or jean shorts.

My sunglasses are Quay linked here.

How fabulous is that necklace? I am so obsessed with it. It’s like a chunky costume beaded drop necklace with an amazing bronze basket-woven cross. It’s a perfect match with this outfit for sure. Stop into Scout & Molly’s to shop this look! Tell them Jenn sent you!

Reminder, all my hyperlinks are direct links to items pictured or like-items!

Xo, Cheers!

Complimenting Colors

Ladies ♥ Hello!

One of my biggest misconceptions is that I do not look good in certain colors. One, red and two yellow. Apparently, I was wrong. Not tooting my own horn BUT, I wore red like once (that faux suede red dress) and people raved about it and how good the color complimented me. Interesting, I was never a big red fan but better give the people what they want, right?!


Yellow; I am still not sure about so this is why I am posting this… to get your opinion. I stayed away from yellow because I felt like with my hair it washed me out. This is more of a gold, rather than a bright yellow but I think I am feeling it?! What do you think?? I love anything with bows or pearls right now and of course bell sleeves. <—I linked mine here and also linked some other cuties below!

Tan Bell Sleeve
Tie Neck Lace Shirt
Yellow Silk Blouse

At first I had it paired with a Lauren Conrad A Line skirt and over the knee boots, which looked really cute. But as I was rummaging through my closet I came across my old Armani Exchange leather leggings and thought damn this would look great together, and not to my surprise, it did. I of course could not find the same ones but here is a great pair of BCBG leather leggings here. It’s all about quality people so this is something you want to invest in. 

And boy, oh boy I just love these leopard booties. They are Jessica Simpson again from like 3 years ago, Macy’s boot sale. Found these great contrast leopard booties though and I am really in love with them. SOLD! I don’t know, are they booties? I guess so. I got these at the Macy’s boot sale too about two years ago for $14. Yup! Fourteen bucks! I love them. Obviously I cannot find the exact ones but I linked another pair! The heels on mine are a little roughed up now because I wore them on Bourbon Street like an idiot but the front is still so pretty!!

My sunglasses I found in Marshall’s they are Nine West. I found a similar pair but they are trimmed with  black not gold.

My matte gloss is an Ultra Satin Liquid from Colour Pop called “Virginia”. I love the jewel tones right now; dark purple, gold, green and burgundy! THIS GLOSS IS ONLY $6 BY THE WAY!! *THANKS SISSY FOR THE RECOMMENDATION!*

My bag is Chanel that I got off of Poshmark. It apparently is something the VIP Chanel makeup clubbers receive. But I am linking an adorable ZAC Posen one here for less than $140.

Anyway, the idea of this blog is so that you step out of your comfort zone from what you THINK you look good in and try something a little more bold. What you may see is probably way different from the truth! Don’t get me wrong, there are colors that compliment some people more than others; brunettes, redheads, blondes etc, just like eye makeup.

Again a reminder, all my hyperlinks are directly linked to products in the photo or like items!






XO, Cheers!


A MAUVElous Hue

Hey ladies ♥

So I have a few favorite colors for winter, like burgundy and evergreen. I felt like these were my go-to’s for fall/holiday months, but I also started buying a lot of mauve, accidentally and then when I got home I realized everything I bought was mauve haha! It was a realization how much I love it!!

Here are the reasons I love this color so much. I feel like even though it’s a pink hue, it still has some warmer tones in it so it can also be a great winter color that transitions perfectly into spring. I love it with darker colors like black or blue pants for work, or dark denim. I love the contrast. I think it’s a color that compliments my skin tone well. I have a pinkish tone to my skin so I think it makes my cheek color pop really well.

I couldn’t find this one online, I got it back Friday weekend at Zara but linking another like it. Lettuce Edge Mock Neck Top (only $9.99).



Draped Neck Cardigan from Zara 



How cute are these ripped mauve denims from Scout & Molly’s in Hyde Park? I know they are working on their site but here is a link to all their locations. I also found identical ones from American Eagle that I linked.







XO, Cheers!