Where to Find the Best Swim Sales

Good Morning ♥

Happy almost Labor day aka happy end of summer sale shopping! This is the best time of year, especially for Floridians because our summer is still about two months from being over and we still get the purged left-overs at the stores! Yeah, sometimes it may take you a while to find your size or matching tops and bottoms but for the most part now is the time of year to stock up on next year’s suits! This suit was from Mirina Collections but I have found it cheaper at T&J Designs on their Instagram page & use their anniversary code for 25% off ANNI25.





H&M is running about 40% off and some cuties to offer. What I love about H&M is that you can mix and match pretty easily and the fit is good. A lot of their plain suits can run anywhere from $5 a piece to $15. Some of the fancier tops and bottoms will run anywhere from $25-45. The sale has just started so I am sure 40% will soon turn to 60%.


⇒Shop Urban Oufitters

I never checked into UO for swim but I really like it. And they feature one of the designers from MIAMI SWIM Frankie’s Bikinis. One pieces were hot this summer and UO has a ton of sexy ones! Looks like they are about 30% for the start of the sale!


⇒Shop ASOS

I love ASOS and they have up to 70% off of 61 pages of swimwear! This is a must visit site. They have some great looks and the prices are just as great. ASOS is a affordable fashion and they have basics to swim to accessories and shoes. They even have men’s! Check it out!

Xo. Cheers!

Swim with Sarina; HandCrafted Suits

Hey all ♥ Morning!!

Totes feelin’ summer vibes over here after coming back from Swim Miami 2017. One thing on my list to do was to hit the beach! I haven’t been to South Beach so I made it a priority. It was ok, but I don’t think it holds a candle to the beaches on this coast! The gulf has my heart. The water was super blue but the sand was not as giving as ours. It was a little rougher not like our powder at all. Anyway, not here to talk about sand….

How about this swim suit? My great friend Sarina hand- made it for me when I went on that awful cruise in March and I didn’t really get to show it off. Where else is the best place to show off your one-of-a-kind?? SOUTH BEACH, duh!

I sent Sarina the style I was looking for and she sent me back a few fabric/pattern choices and I went with a solid hot pink, cheeky bottom, crisscross top style. It’s super comfortable and fits great. The color pops so much and I love standing out. I feel most comfortable in tops like this because I do have a large bust so triangle tops don’t really work for me. I like the cheeky bottoms because my tush is a little smaller so the cheeky helps show off what little I do have back there. I like bottoms that are looser (I hate muffin tops) so I go for fitted like this or ties. Some suits with bands are good as well for girls like me that do not have a super flat tummy. Speaking of, know what I LOVED about Miami Swim; the models were not perfect, far from actually. There was cellulite, and stretch marks and scars and it was beautiful. Way to go!

I wore it with this cute kimono that I borrowed from my sister. I believe it’s from Kohl’s or Marshall’s. The bag is from Marshall’s and I love it. It is the perfect size and has pom poms on the front which I love. My floral flip flops are Nicole from TJ Maxx. The sunnies are Amazon Fashion for $10!! Great finds!

Sarina is excellent. If anyone has any requests please email me directly and I can get you in touch with her: stylemymindjenn@gmail.com!! #StylesBySarina


Xo, Cheers!

Men’s Swimwear

Hello & good morning gents ♠

In honor of Miami Swim week approaching I wanted to do a quick blog on what kind of trunks are okay to don at the beach this season. I personally am a fan of the mid-thigh form-fitting and not so much the longer, passed the knee shorts. Netting is so 1990, and please oh please try to steer clear of a schrunchy elastic waist, it just reminds me of AC Slater.

Jenn approved ⇓ & they’re on SALE at Nordstrom! $40 down from $60!

⇒⇒Beau Swim Trunk

Main Image - RVCA Beau Swim Trunk

Main Image - RVCA Beau Swim Trunk

These one’s are good if you do prefer them to you knee, something like this would be the only acceptable ones to wear!

⇒⇒Civil Stripe Board Short

Main Image - RVCA Civil Stripe Board Shorts

Main Image - RVCA Civil Stripe Board Shorts

It’s okay to go bold with a statement pattern, I like a man to stands out! I would try something like this at first until you feel more comfortable or daring if this isn’t your thing.

⇒⇒Hurley Phantom Casa Board Shorts

Main Image - Hurley Phantom Casa Board Shorts

Main Image - Hurley Phantom Casa Board Shorts

Check out 9 pages of suits at http://www.nordstrom.com and take my advice, this is an area you can take a chance and make a statement boys!

Xo, Cheers! Jenn

The Summer Blazer

Good morning petunias ♥

Are we over the Florida summer yet!? HOT HOT HOT! One of the issues I have is trying to look professional and keep cool in the summer. Not that I can wear shorts to work but even for church or a happy hour networking event. Dress shorts are totally appropriate to hang with Jesus by the way!

I found this really sweet light weight, hot pink summer blazer at Marshall’s on clearance as well as the white and black lace off-the-shoulder tank! For Mother’s Day we were heading to church then lunch and I thought it was perfect since it is already ungodly hot here but yet I don’t like to expose my shoulders in church. Voila, insert summer blazer {STAPLE PIECE!}.

Shorts: Express
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Earrings: Rue 21 {PS they are going out of business!}
Shoes: DSW


I took the blazer off for lunch for a more summery, casual look!


⇒SundayFunday Car selfies with my pseudo daughter on Mother’s Day!


Eyes: Loreal Telescopic
Face: Mikasa Beauty; Bodyography {use STYLEMYMIND25 for 25% off}
Lips: Ulta Beauty Serena

Xo, Cheers! Jenn

Summer Steak Salad with Strawberries

Good Morning Dolls ♥

Like I have said time and time again, looking good also means feeling good and I have been trying to find new ways to get healthy. I hope you all read my summer smoothie post a few weeks back and tried some of them out! Here is another fabulous summer recipe to please the palette, tummy and the bod!

«Shopping List»

♦Arugula Spring Mix
♦Either steak chunks or strips, like for beef stew
♦Bleu Cheese Crumbles
♦Candied Walnuts
♦Sunflower seeds
♦Dried Cranberries
♦Red Onion
♦Ken’s Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette
♦Lite Croutons

>>>Cook the steak how you like it, throw all the stuff in a bowl, mix with the dressing– ENJOY! You can top with some fresh black pepper too!



XO, Cheers! Jenn


Top 5 Men’s Summer Shoes to Own

Good Morning gents & ladies ♠ – I say gents first because I am throwin’ out a Men’s Monday blog today: Top 5 Summer Shoes Men Should Own!

⇒Suede or Leather Oxfords- they’re a dress shoe without being too stuffy!

Men’s Oxford Shoes

⇒Basic White Sneaks- keep ’em clean boys!


Men’s White Sneakers

⇒Boat Shoes- you can wear ’em on a boat, you can wear ’em to the bar, you can wear ’em to a lunch or somewhere in a car!

Men’s Boat Shoes

⇒Flip Flops {TREAD LIGHTLY, POOL OR BEACH ONLY} no one wants to see your toes outside of these two places guys! We don’t care how manicured they are, they are big and hairy and not sexy!


Pool or Beach Flip Flops

⇒Espadrille… We like ’em!

Men’s Espadrille

Hope this helps all you fella’s this summer! Keep your toes away and your shoes clean!

Xo, Cheers! Jenn

Summer Style; Sheer Dresses

Good Morning lovelies ♥

We have all seen this look, the famous Kim K sheer dress style. It’s rapidly moved it’s way from LA to the east coast just in time for summer. I have yet to part take, but am in the market for the perfect sheer gem.

∼You are like legally naked
∼If you live in Florida like me, this is the perfect summer look since it’s literally 4000 degrees from apparently May not through August
∼Can be as covered or not covered as you want underneath
∼Bodysuits suck in all the flab

∼It’s a naked dress. Like the Carrie’s first Big date dress, can give off the wrong impression
∼Not all body types can wear it.

More positives than neggy vibes, so I say go for it!

All dresses are from http://www.gojane.com

Xo, Cheers Jenn