What To Wear: Easter Edition


Wishing you a sunny morning from Tampa, Florida! This week happens to be two very important events:

  1. My birthday {tomorrow}, yes, I know you cannot believe I am 29! 🙂
  2. Easter {I only put my birthday first because it comes first, Easter is way more important though!}

And today’s outfit of the day, #OOTD, is in fact, an Easter outfit! My sister’s BFF from 100 years ago is a fabulous designer who makes all of her clothes, swim wear etc. She made me an awesome swimsuit for my cruise, everyone loved it!

This dress is one of my favorites, and the reason is twofold.

  1. The color & design is impeccable. I love how the straps cross in the front then come over the shoulders. Love the peep hole, and peeping lace at the bottom.

The other side is cream and lacy. I did not have a chance to flip it during my photo shoot but I can assure you, it’s adorable and works both ways. Sarina Molinari takes requests for special orders so please contact her if interested!


Photo Credit: Tamy Lugo VStylist 



White pumps are Jessica Simpson from http://www.macys.com

XO, Cheers! Jenn

Create Your Own #girlboss List

#Monday Mantra: Girlboss List

Good Morning lovelies! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!! Also hoping the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming wherever you may be in the world! Today’s blog is about my girl boss list. Remember that crappy situation I had a few months back? Well, the “situation” I always had an ongoing list of things we wanted to do together {ending our relation-something or another was not on there of course} and it was always fun and exciting to have things to look forward to. When it ended I of course deleted the list off my phone immediately because why in the heck would I want to see that?  But I decided to make my #GirlBoss list; a list of things and plans for me, myself & I. For once, in the last 3 years I am finally doing just that!


I advise each and every one of you to create a list of things you want to accomplish. My list is for 2017. It can be the simplest thing such as enjoying a cup of coffee with no social media for an hour each Sunday! Or something as major as *drum roll* NYFW: New York Fashion Week {yes this made the top of my list for 2017}.

Be ambitious. Set goals. Have dreams.

My #GirlBoss List:

  1. Attend NYFW
  2. Style Modage Fashion Show
  3. Create & co-host the Summer Style Brunch
  4. Get online boutique up & running
  5. Meet a new friend
  6. Decorate the style room of your dreams
  7. Put yourself first sometimes
  8. Put God first all the time
  9. Pay off credit cards
  10. Work out 4x per week

Number 8 & number 6 are checked off – I have began praying & talking to the big Guy quite regularly 🙂

Number 2, 3, 7, 9 & 10 are halfway there!!! In the words of Sophia Bush, “it’s ok to be both a masterpiece & work in progress at the same time!”

Happy to also announce as of April 4th, Tamy and I have RSVP’ed YES to NYFW in September!!!!!!! It was a proud, happy day!


Happy Monday! Xo Cheers,


Summer Style: Maxi Skirts

Everyone loves a maxi dress, but what about a maxi skirt?! Have trouble styling yours? Here are some great summer looks on women that are doing up their maxi’s in a stylish way!

I love the cotton maxi, it’s comfortable and versatile. This look is great because they glam’ed it up a little bit with the sequin top. And we all know I love hats!


The crochet maxi and the colors are to fall over for. I love this down-to-earth style and how they spotlit the spring color (rose/ pink) that is soaring into summer as well.


OH EM GEE! This crimson baby is my favorite look!! Crimson- yes! Backless- yes! Fringe- yes! This is a great relaxed, nighttime outfit! #NailedIt 

I don’t like yellow on me but this little lady styled her yellow maxi perfectly with a girly lace crop and matching costume necklace! Gorg!


XO, Cheers! Jenn

Summer Style: Leather & Lace

Summer, already!? Seems like I was just writing about spring fashion! As April rolls in it’s pretty much the beginning of summer here in Florida so I decided to dive in to see what this season is bringing us!

I always love this look, you know I do, the girly meets edgy flava is my thing! I wore an outfit like this on my favorite day ever, dinner at the Eiffel Tower! I wore a lace, almost country gal kinda dress with over-the-knee leather boots paired with a matching bomber and Paris scarf {When in “Rome”?!}


Editor Picks:



This look is amazing, I am totally obsessed. It is grungy, edgy, prissy and professional all in one. She nailed it with the top not and those sunnies. PICK OF THE WEEK RIGHT HERE!!!


I love black ripped denim and this shirt is to die for {always love me some white shirts!} Don’t miss those shoes either, aren’t they just too hot to trot! Great hair vibes too!


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

#MondayMantra: Reclaiming Your Power

In recent months I have gone through heartache but also gone through a process complete self-understanding. Without even noticing, I was carrying around someone who was like a heavy weight, and I felt the pressure but I was too afraid to drop the weight thinking that I may hurt myself in doing so. Six weeks later, I dropped the weight and had the day I had been searching for since 2013.


The last day I can remember truly being happy with myself, being alone and being away from my addiction to social media was 2013. I lived in Jacksonville, FL at the time and had just moved down from NJ. I didn’t know anyone except my roommate, an old high school colleague and a new friend who was engaged to be married. My roommate traveled so I was alone a lot. I went through some really tough trials and tribulations in 2012 so I feel like once I moved, God was telling me I needed to fully be alone to discover self-acceptance and appreciation. I woke up on a Saturday morning and drove to the beach by myself. I brought a book (Can’t remember which one) and next thing I remember it was 7 hours later and I was still on the beach, finished my book and had not checked my phone in hours. I felt a sense of presence over me, full awareness of where I was. I had not felt that in a long time. I decided to pack up my chair, head to the grocery store and make myself an elaborate dinner. Which is exactly what I did. After, I remember enjoying some red wine, reading fashion magazines and watching E! all night. It was the best day I had in a while. Since then, I have longed for a day like that.


Yesterday, I had it. I woke up and had “your special day” on my planner. The rest of April is filled with celebrations and fashion shows so I literally had to schedule time to relax. I made coffee, cooked myself breakfast, watched a church service online, and read some of my book. I told myself by noon I needed to get out of bed. I did, got showered and headed to DSW where I bought a pair of Steve Madden ballet flats, Lucky Brand Espadrilles and another pair of black strap chunky heels for $57! {Good day right!} I felt blissful.

I came home and cracked a bottle of Chloe Pinot Noir, got in my over-sized red papsan chair outback and read my book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’y Do” by Amy Morin. I had the day. I had the day I have been wishing for and I even 86’ed the cell. The book is also magnificent.


I am on the chapter called “Don’t give away your power”, the author explains that when you give your power away you give away so much more. Ever give your power away to someone else? And the funny thing is, half the time they don’t even know they have it! You don’t eat, or sleep, you starting taking on bad habits; start self-pitying yourself, all you talk about to your friends is this person? What a waste of time and your perfectly wonderful life. Bad things happen, hurtful things happen but it is up to you to look at those things in a positive way. Losing someone is painful but losing yourself is way worse. Don’t ever give someone else the power to make you feel like you’re unworthy or not enough. You are enough, know that, remember that and go after your dreams and goals. Don’t ever let anyone take that away. Put down the phone, leave it inside, enjoy nature and the little things that life presents to you each day.


Sometimes we are so afraid of time alone, when really that is exactly what we need to heal. If you need to schedule alone time for yourself, do it, because it can revive you. My day was simple, but it was all about me. I have not had one of those in a long time. And guess what? It’s ok to have a day totally about you. After all, if you don’t make yourself happy first, no one else is going to.

Xo, Happy Monday! Cheers, Jenn

Style My Mind-One Year Later; Thank You


April 1st, marks one year that I started this blog and it was the best decision I ever made. I have always been a writer and been in love with expressing my thoughts through words. Reading a well put-together sentence is some sort of exhilarating experience to me. My writing is not formal, not always professional but it’s real and that’s what I wanted! I have been told numerous times that my personality shines through my writing and to hear that, is a huge compliment. I always learned when you write, you should write like you are explaining something to someone who cannot see what you are writing about, someone who is brand new; paint a picture! 


This blog brought me back to life after a really hard previous year. I lost myself to a toxic person for a really long time prior to this. When I finally decided to walk away for the final time a year ago I started this, my saving grace. Writing has gotten me through heartache, and anger, love and loss; even if it is mostly about shoes, dresses and the occasional love-yourself blog it is what I am passionate about and I finally figured that out at 31 years old. Now at almost 32 (April 13 if anyone wants to send gifts) I know what I want to do with the rest of my life and I am diligently trying to get there.


My advice to you is to find what brings you joy, even if it does not pay the bills, find something that brings the best of you to life so that you never lose that person. I will never lose that person again, no matter how hard times get, how many loves lost… I am me, no excuses and I will be damn sure that I reach my dream and my goals without anyone standing in my way!!


I am a go-getter! Last summer I took it upon myself to google “best fashion stylists in Tampa.” VStylist by Tamy Lugo popped up. I went to her page and was quite impressed. I decided to email her because what could I lose? Lucky for me she emailed back. We exchanged dialogue for a few weeks until we finally met. We clicked really well. We talked about her past, what she did and what she was doing. Between now and then Tamy and I have created a friendship, a partnership and developed amazing goals for our future careers. She has taught me so much about the industry and has taken me under her wing to show me the ropes not only in the world of fashion, but life as well. I am forever grateful for her. Which brings me to my last bit of advice: GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS!! Apply for the job, send the email, ASK!! If you don’t ask, you will never know. If you don’t make things happen, chances are they won’t. Don’t be lazy, do the work, pray your butt off and in the end I have faith God will deliver more to you than your wildest dreams imagine!


XO Cheers, Jenn

Travel Diaries: Royal Evenings

Good Morning Fashionistas!!!! Happy Hump Day!!!

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I have a new attraction to royal blue and I love it paired with a nude heel. I really love anything with nude heels, because nude heels go with everything!! Anyway, I drug my friend Josie to the mall with me to shop for the cruise. I am not a big mall person, I tend to shop more online, boutiques, or outside mall boarders but I wanted to go to Macy’s.

We probably looked around for a good 90 minutes in there and I grabbed a few dresses to try one. One was royal blue lace with a nude underlay. It was the only one I ended up liking. It fit like a glove and was super flattering. You know that dress that highlights the ladies, but hides the demons below?! Yeah, that kind of dress!!! SOLD! The best part was walking up to the register and the woman ringing up the original $120 dress which came to a total of $18! 🙂 I would say this was a steal!!!
I wore my go-to Jessica Simpson platform heels {the one’s she technically gave my cousin to give to me} and my crochet clutch from “The Sak”. I was not too keen on the clutch but on vacation you need to make sacrifices and one was that I only bring one black and one nude clutch! It is what it is!


On the way to dinner!


At dinner with my ladies!


Glamour Shots!


Cheers!! Xo Jenn