New Designer: Modage Vintage by Rebecca Fishel


I had the special privilege of meeting a fantastic vibrant, classic designer in Tampa, Florida: Rebecca Fishel. Rebecca is the owner and creator of Modage Vintage clothing. As Rebecca and I shared a table sipping crisp white wine in the cutest beach haven cafe ever, I immediately began asking her how she began her clothing line. She told me ever since she was very young she loved vintage clothing and preferred to shop thriftily. I told her I am envious because vintage is just not something I have an eye for, neither is “thrifting”! But she was very intriguing.

Rebecca started by thrifting pieces she loved and then molding them into something that meets a little of the modern eye , hence the name, Modage! {brilliant} No sooner does she realize she has a whole room filled with clothes that she has designed. She can take a vintage dress that is maybe a little ill-fitted for today’s 20th century lady and turn it into a two piece skirt and top that is a complete head-turner! She also found some pieces already modernized, so with those, she does not touch! It’s like having original hardwood floors in a home, why mess with something original and beautiful that still works?!

I have an all new respect for the modern vintage movement and I can’t wait to see what Rebecca has in store for her show this year. April 23, Above the Salt Cafe, Tampa Florida! Do Not Miss It. if you love Sunday’s, fashion and bubbly you need to be there!!

More details to come. Until then, check out some of this innovative work that is Modage!

This dress below, is the epitome of perfection!! I literally fell in love the moment I saw it.


Fun, flirty & girly!


Business to happy hour in a flash!


Dainty & classy!


Girls Night Out!!


L O V E. Yes! Bring back the knee socks asap!


Can we say first lady!?


Lovely in lace!


Spring Fling, Summer Fun!


Xo Cheers,


#OOTD Seaside Stripes {&red lips}

One of my favorite “trending” {ugh hate that word} how about we use the phrase, “more frequently seen” this season is seaside stripes. I have fallen in love with them in every way. The look takes me to the beach! Being from south Jersey, I am a beach girl! I always grew up with a condo in Wildwood, NJ and seaside stripes bring me right back to Morey’s Pier {Curley’s Fries, Kohr Bros and Sam’s Pizza}.

I found this little gem on a great little website {it’s a secret!!} and I love the fabric because it’s almost slightly linen {which screams WEAR ME TO THE BEACH}, it’s light and has this fantastic little tie at the bottom that gives it a playful look. I wore this to work however; I also plan to wear it on my cruise on top of a bikini with jean shorts! It’s very versatile and who doesn’t love that?!

PS Sometimes you have no choice but to selfie in the bathroom at work aka my work photographer worked from home, so selfie-ing it was 🙂 XOXO

#FBF 80s Baby

We all know 80s style is back and I am just LOVING IT! Anyone else?! I am an 80s baby so it’s only natural! Here are some of the flashback styles that I put together.

The first one I want you to take notice of my accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix up colors a bit. This green and the plum go great together and it makes the outfit a little more fun and daring.


Love this 80s AC Slater inspired jean shirt from Guess. I down played it a little with a large white tank and some leggings.


The bodysuit is back and amazinggggg! And I bought this whole  Rock And Republic outfit and Candies shoes for $40 at Kohls. I never buy anything full price, ever!


Off the shoulder is still going strong for the spring season, really booming actually! It’s such a flirty and girly look I love it.

Have a great week!
XO Cheers Jenn

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What To Wear: Gasparilla 2017

Gasparilla 2017 is coming up this week as we know! Ladies, do you have your outfits ready!? I have only been once but here is what I learned:

  1. It’s hot, crowded and you are not peeing all day unless you plan on standing in line battling for a porter potty
  2. It’s a morning-sundown drinking fest
  3. You won’t get out of downtown until at least 8pm

This year my gang is doing it a little differently, apparently they have a secret place away from the amateur scene that is Bayshore Blvd.

In case you don’t know what Gasparilla is here ya go:

The first year I went was the first year I lived here and I decided last minute so I ordered an outfit on Amazon that came in 2 days. It worked for the time being. It was super cute and super uncomfortable but I wanted to share it because I think something like this is a great mix between wench and stylish.


This year I am going with something a bit more relaxed. I have shorts or pants options since you never know what this Florida weather is going to offer that day!

Anyway I hope if it’s your first year you have a good idea how to dress!
XO Cheers Jenn

#OOTD Bohemian Vibes

Love this dress for so many reasons.


  1. I love paisley but this is like paisley on steroids, even better
  2. The colors are amazing; I am into plum right now
  3. Off The Shoulder
  4. Can dress it up or down
  5. Very versatile as far as where you can wear this dress

I bought this dress for my cruise. I like it because I can pair it with wedges or flip flops and it’s still dressy. I love bohemian, it’s very island casual.


I tried it on with booties and it does not look right to me and because of my height I feel flat sandals are best with this dress.

See more styles like this on my Pinterest @stylemymindjenn under Bohemian vibes!


Xo Cheers


#OOTD Black & White Jumper Dress

Fashion Friday #OOTD is this amazing black and white jumper dress by English Factory. The material of this dress is almost sweater like but not extremely heavy. Living in Florida we don’t have a lot of days to wear warmer clothing but this is perfect for a cool night out. I do not like bulky sweater fabric, it makes you sweaty and uncomfortable but this is just enough. The make of this dress is incredible. It really does say business in the front, party in the back!

This is great for a date night, or night out with the girls. You could even throw on a black cami and pull it off in the office.

I paired this look with my winter white Jessica Simpson pumps but you can also do a feminine shooties, or a pop of color with some red heels!


Find more on this look and other styles on Pinterest @stylemymindjenn under Black & White Style.

To purchase this dress please visit Vstyle Shop !!!


Cheers Jenn

#OOTD That Girl

Hey everyone! I am starting something new for 2017, a weekly #OOTD blog! I will be posting an outfit with details and, creating a Pinterest board to show options to style the outfit! Hope you enjoy!!

I am naming this look “That Girl” because someone told me it reminded them of Marlo Thomas in the show! I personally never watched ift {was a little before my time} however, I am all about vintage style and this look is picture perfect!


The blue lace overlay on the top of this dress is doily material and really gives it a little something extra to break up the detailed floral pattern. It is really was drew me to this dress. This is good for those oh so hated bloated days too when we want to or HAVE TO look cute but are just not 100%!

The booties are my fave! Bealls Outlet steal!!! I really could not choose a more perfect shoe with this outfit. The bag is straight out of Tuscany. My friend brought it home for me and i am in love with it. The leather is softer than newborn skin. I seriously would sleep in this beaut if I could.


Check out more styles like this on Pinterest @stylemymindjenn under That Girl!

Cheers Xo Jenn

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