Beauty on a Budget

I know every girl has their “can’t live without” products so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about mine! I always have new products I love to test out! My girlfriend actually just introduced me to some subscription boxes I am definitely looking to try but of course I have my go-to products I cannot live without. You will literally need to pry them from my cold dead hands. And the best part is, they are basically all from a drugstore; beauty on a budget.

The first product I discovered a few years ago while I was dabbling with different mascaras. I was using Dior Show pretty religiously but I was getting annoyed with the fact that I would walk into Sephora and drop $50+ on mascara and one lip gloss. It really is the most beautiful lip gloss {{Laura Mercier Opal}} but it’s a splurge for me now. So anyway, I tried a bunch drug store brands like Stiletto and Crush, ya know, the ones in the pretty packaging. I did not like them because the brushes were so thick and one of my pet peeves is getting mascara on my eye lids & the ever so hated spider lashes {{Pause to puke}}. So I finally found L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara ($10 at Walmart). It’s a very thin brush and separates the lashes while elongating them too. They also have a really great liquid liner to go along with it I recommend.
EYELINER: L’Oreal Telescopic Eyeliner 12387943

MASCARA: L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara 2138214

The second love of my live is Cover Girl pressed powder number 055 ($8). I cannot live without it. If I was stranded on an island and could take 3 things, it would be this, the Telescopic and my dog. The color is great; it’s not thick and does not make you look like an orange. I use a giant MAC brush to apply over top of my concealer and it is not too much. It helps blend the skin so it is not blotchy and also gives you a slight tanner complexion. I have been using this for about 5+ years now.


Cover Girl Powdercg_clean_pressedpowder_normal_powder_3

O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet. I was introduced to this product this last May. This might be a little TMI but ever since high school when I was a cheerleader my feet have been peely and dry from my sneakers. Now, working out as much as I do, the same thing happens. My friend who is a nurse came down to Tampa to visit for Memorial Day weekend and she brought it with her. I was telling her how I wanted to see a doctor to maybe get a prescription and she said to hold off and try this cream first. I was like OK, I will try it but I doubt it will help. DID IT EVER HELP!! Within 2 days my feet were totally smooth. I was amazed. I immediately bought it on Amazon because I am too lazy to go to the store (Can also be bought at Michael’s, or Bed Bath & Beyond $6.99). I have been using it ever since twice a day, after my shower and in the morning and it has held up its reputation. I also recommended it to my friend this week and I am waiting to hear her input!

**USE LINK FOR BEST PRICE: OKeefe’s Healthy Feet517yzrkn4l-_sy300_

Last fall (which is technically Tampa beach season) I noticed I started to get sun spots on my face. They were teeny tiny dark spots. At first I was hoping it was my face-self-tanner that just grasped an area of my skin more than another but it t’was not! I never really used concealer I always just used my Cover Girl powder but that was my first immediate fix to this problem was to get a thick concealer. I have a friend who sells Mary Kay & I went to support her & ended up buying their CC concealer & I actually really like it. So now I used that along with the Cover Girl.  However, about a month or two later I started using iBotta. It’s an app that has different products, food, beverages that you can earn money back on; who doesn’t like to get money back?! {{use my code tbeevxc to earn an extra $10 at sign up}}. Most times I just buy items on here that I already use or planned on buying but one of the products on the app happened to be Ponds. My mother has used Ponds cream since before I can remember.  I would use it from her, but mostly to just remove my makeup. Anyway, there was a $2 iBotta on there for the large Ponds so I took a look & they were like $8- not bad- plus $2 back! I happened to run into one called “Ponds Dark Spot Correcting Cream.” I of course bought it & when I tell you the dark spots are miniscule now! THANK GOD. I live in Florida, avoiding the sun is not in any of my near future plans! It’s a miracle cream.

**USE LINK FOR BEST PRICE: Ponds Cream 2cb27b504922f94ce9ac7a47d6719b23

Ok the last one is not very “on a budget” but every woman over 30 needs a go-to eye cream. Mine is Aveda Botanicals Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream. It’s all natural, smells really good & you can use it on all parts of your face that make you cringe. For the record, I just started having this reaction about a year ago. I stopped smiling with my teeth because it made my eyes looks wrinklier! Big fat bummer I know. I use it mostly on my crow’s feet (UGH!), & in between my eyes. But my mom uses it also above her lip to fill in those lines too. You only need to use a little bit so it will last you probably 6 months or so.  

**USE LINK FOR BEST PRICE: Aveda Eye Creamaveda-botanical-kinetics-5-1024x678

I hope you enjoy my favorite products just as much as I do! Have a great weekend!!!

Cheers! XO

Falling Into Football

Football season is approaching; it is my favorite time of year! It is a little ridiculous living in Florida during the “fall” season, watching football from a pool! I definitely miss the northern fall weather:  the leaves turning, the crisp breeze and hot toddy’s! I do still follow some of my football Sunday traditions even if it is 87 degrees out.image

What to Eat:

I always cook a pot of chili! I know it sounds super-hot right now for chili and it is, but it’s a tradition. Not every week but, definitely the first week of the season. It is my tradition.

  • How to make it healthy:
  • Use ground turkey- extra lean I use Jennie-O
  • Use quinoa instead of rice; or you can also use tofu noodles as well- cuts cals & saves room for your beer!
  • Use low fat cheese or even non-dairy
  • Use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream

What to Drink:

I’m not usually a beer drinker but I do love the Fall Sam Adams variety pack. My dad introduced me to syrup and brown sugar rimmed pumpkin spice beer. It’s delicious!


Try my homemade cinnamon apple red sangria!!

NOTE: I usually make this to taste so measurements vary!

  • How to make it healthy:
  • 1 large bottle of red wine, preferably Cabernet
  • 1 liter bottle of flavored club i.e. peach, fruit punch, strawberry
  • V8 Lite Mango- measure to taste
  • Peach Schnapps to taste
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • 2 apples, 2 oranges, 1 lemon & 1 limeimage


There is nothing that I love more than a cozy home.  What makes it cozier than candles and chili?! …Homemade potpourri. My secret Sunday football tip (especially if you are having people over) is to take a large pot with some water. Peel about 5 oranges using the skin along with a few handfuls of fresh cranberries, throw in some cinnamon sticks and just let it simmer on low all day. It smells sensational.


What to wear:

I wear football gear every Sunday. I actually need some new attire- Amazon has the best deals on gear. The best TIME to get gear is towards the end of the season Decemeber-ish, at Lids. When I head back from New Jersey from Christmas vacation I always hit up the Lids store in the Philadelphia Airport- everything is 50% off.

  • Lazy Sunday-In Attire:

Since it is Florida my go-to is comfy lounge shorts with a tee.  Sometimes I wear logo tees or sometimes just a good old-fashion white v neck! One of my favorites to wear is my man’s undershirt from Tommy John – welcome to cozy town! I do have two adorable off the shoulder 80s style tee’s I bought from Victoria’s Secret that I wear often. I will say, VS can be a little pricy but it is worth it. The quality speaks for itself. I stay away from Jersey’s because the Eagles (My team!) have had high turnover the last few years and jerseys are not cheap. Plus, girls can rock much more chic football looks than an oversize jersey.


  • Sunday Funday Out and About

Ok- I totally have a go-to going out football outfit I wear for the first Sunday I go out each year. It’s a pair of black shorts , an Eagles tee, my black gladiator sandals and this cheap pair of black and chunky rhinestone hoops I found years ago at a random store. It is very “Jersey” but it’s my signature football style and it’s super fun and flirty.

One year I also took an oversized men’s tee-shirt & cut the crap out of it to make an adorable LeSean McCory “Jersey” tee. I cut slits up & down the sides tying them together, cut off the shoulders, cut the sleeves & tied them & of course, the signature Jersey-girl move, glued 300 rhinestones on it; give or take! Me & my friend wore those shirts every Sunday until he was traded. The best part about those, they were two of a kind & we were the only football gals with them. I love DIY!

  • Day at the Field

If you are going to the game be cautious of the weather depending on your location and the time of year. I usually would wear the same thing I would wear to the bar on a Sunday (see above) if it’s warm. In Philly in the winter, I would go with more of a long sleeve Eagles shirt and my black puffer vest. I definitely still wear my Gap puffer vest circa early 2000s . Of course if it is December in Philly I probably would go with long sleeve tee, hoodie and then my vest. And of course, when needed, throw on gloves and ear muffs, the puffier the better.


For your man!

Ladies! If you are hanging with your man on Sunday Funday make sure they are comfortable too!  I love seeing my man in loungewear pants & a white tee (of course, you know I love white tees)! One of my favorite leisure lines for men is Tommy John. The quality is amazing and the fabric is so comfy when we are snuggling up together to cheer on our team! . Below are my faves! NOTE: get 20% off your first purchase online!


Are you ready for some football?!  I know I am!




Tips for your Trips

Like a lot of people today I get packing anxiety anytime I go on a trip. But, I have learned a lot of tips and tricks to alleviate some of that for your destination vacation. The most difficult trip to pack for was definitely my 10 day trip to Europe that we booked at Liberty Travel. They did a great job assisting us since we walked in completely clueless. We went in early March when the weather was chilly but nice for Europe. I am an over packer, no way around that so I decided I needed to do some research because I did not want to pay $100 for luggage.


When packing for a trip your go-to websites will be You Tube and Pinterest. On Pinterest I was able to find ideas on how to pack limited clothing to make multiple styles. And you really cannot be afraid to re-wear some things as well i.e. jeans, sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I wore more classic, plain styles and dressed them up with accessories because it’s easier to mix and match plain pieces then statement items and accessories take up a lot less room! For instance, I have 2 skirts that are pretty much the same just different patterns . I wore the same black shirt with both as well as the same black over-the-knee riding boots! I got 2 outfits with just changing out a skirt and scarf.

On You Tube I was able to find an amazing video about folding your clothes inside of your clothes. I could have smacked myself for never thinking of this. (How to Pack a Bag for Europe part 1 & 2)

  1. Place one shirt flat on the bed- the heaviest one first
  2. Place each one after that to the thinnest on top
  3. Fold in the arms of the shirts and then fold the shirt in half
  4. Roll all the shirts into what looks like a barrel of cloth and push against the side wall of your suitcase!

Do this with jeans, skirts, dresses etc!


You can literally get about 10 shirts in there like that. I was amazed. More great tips:

  1. Pack socks and personal items in your boots/ shoes
  2. Try every outfit on before packing it {{I started doing this to avoid over packing}}
  3. Roll everything!
  4. Bring your go-to accessories that can change a look
  5. Pack more travel sized items than standard because as you go through them you can throw them away and make more space

Make sure you keep up on the weather for your destination. We all know you cannot prepare for everything but we can try! I brought mostly boots to Europe and a pair of sneakers with one pair of heels. Now, I am a stiletto girl so it killed me to only bring one pair but let’s be honest, walking around in Paris all day in a pair of pumps seems like something from a fairy tale but not realistic! Comfort is the key. But you can be cute while comfy!

Bon Voyage!

Stylin’ your man: Do’s & Don’ts!

One of the requests I got was for a blog on men’s style: What women want!!!! Like every gal, every guy will have his own style. And, every woman will have their own idea of what a man should look like. For me, I like the Justin Timberlake look; tapered suits & pants, comb over, fedoras etc. I prefer men’s clothes to be tailored & more fitted than loose & sloppy (I think we can all agree on that!) Just like I love jeans with blazers on women, I love the same look on a man.


& this one’s just for fun!!



Fitted jeans– baggy jeans are so Clueless 1990s. No we don’t want to see the outlines & boarders of what is going on under there, but I also don’t want to see your ass because your jeans are dripping off you. There is a such thing as a perfect fit. See photos! image

Thin sweaters layered over collared shirts– I still love this look. I think it is classic. I personally sweat way too much to layer anything but hey! in the name of fashion I would if I had to. It looks good guys, classy & age appropriate.image

V neck white tees– please replace these when they get nasty. I told you time & time again about my love for white shirts… WHITE! Not yellow, not off white, not dirty, or dingy or holey! I honestly try to replace my white tees 1-2 months, you should too! I am from Jersey, so I do love V necks on guys!image

Fitted suit pants– ugh! Nothing annoys me more a poor fitted suit. To a woman this is like camel toe on Mama June.  If you are going to invest in anything fellas, please invest in a nice fitted suit. I saw this saying before & it’s true, “a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men,”… true!

Is this the same guy???? If you are reading this…. CALL ME!! 🙂


Black & brownDO NOT DO IT!!! PLEASE! If you wear a brown belt, wear brown shoes. Navy blue does not go with black; it goes with brown or gray!


Logo or Bling Tees– No Express polo’s with that annoying ass lion, no Jon Gosselin-Ed Hardy shit with bling all over it, leave the bling for the ladies & the babies!Express

Belts from 1994– 🙂 I know golf is a big thing right now, but keep that awful fashion on the golf course & do not unleash it into the public! It’s horrible.


Pants that show off your mammel toe– listen everyone’s size is different just like the ladies’, but good God, do not wear a pair of pants that makes your pelvic area look like an ass, you know exactly what I mean. We don’t want to see it. Wear pants that are fitted but fit you!!!


Shirts that have prints that look like pajamas– Lucky Brand is horrible & so is the fashion that tries to be like it. I hate paisley on a man. Unless you are 85 & getting ready for bed at 7pm, please do not ever grace my eyes with that shit!


Ankle socks with dress pants– ew!!! I actually know someone who does this. It saddens me. They’re black turning to gray because they’re so faded & I can see his ankle hairs!

THERE IS NO IMAGE THAT CAN PORTRAY THE HORROR OF THIS SITUATION. Just come to my office & see for yourself!


Comb Over: LOVE IT. That’s all. LOVE IT. (See Timberlake)

Spikes– yeah, it’s still cute. Makes you look young, kind of a classic look you can always get away with. It’s safe.

Buzz cut– same thing, it’s a safety net.

Long Hair– Ehhh I’m not really into it because I skeeve here but I guess it’s a thing now. Please wash it. I get that you have probably had a buzz cut since 1984 but if you’re gonna grow it out, please learn how to manscape it. Shampoo is a great start!


Man Bun– WHY? Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It”…My slogan for this hair flub is “Don’t Do It”.

Mullets- I mean…. Do I need to even say anything about this or does it speak for itself?

Baldys- I get it, I guess. It’s not for me. Only certain people can pull it off… like Vin Diesel. I get it if maybe that’s the only option for you, but be careful when choosing this look. Make sure this look will compliment your body type.

Rat Tail- I am really hoping the “tail” does not still exist. I have not seen it around THANK GOD, but obviously this is a horrible 80s hair don’t that died out with Tiffany after her one-hit-wonder “I Think We’re Alone Now.” If you have a tail, you are definitely alone.

Hopefully this blog gave you a little more insight to what a woman likes to see on a man. Like I said, every guy is different & every girl’s opinion on what she likes will be different too. This is one perspective, not the only one!

SO basically, go try & make yourself look like Justin Timberlake & we’re all good!

Happy weekend!!!! Cheers,
XO Jenn

Sunday Style in the Summer

As much fun as it is shopping for me (& it is) I also really have a passion for styling other people. There is something about having the ability & vision that not everyone else has that makes me feel powerful. Not only that, but when I style someone & they get so excited it makes me feel like I made a difference in their world. No, I am not curing cancer, I wish I could do that of course, but at least I am helping someone feel beautiful.

I have always loved to shop I think basically since I was born. My mom is a shopper so it’s always been our thing. I used to love shopping with my mom because if she loved something I would pick out, she always bought it for me! She also has this theory, if you see something but it may be a little much, leave the store & if you are still thinking about it three days later, then you have to have it in your life. This prevents any impulse shopping for things you probably don’t need or really want. Thanks mom!!

This past weekend my girl Elizabeth (yes from the Spark Joy blog) picked me up from the airport & we desperately needed manis and pedis. Our regular spot was packed so we went to the mall instead. My pampering was about 45 min shorter than Elizabeth’s so I went to shop. I knew I shouldn’t be doing that because I did not need anything… I was playing with fire. But, I released myself into the wild straight to Macy’s. It’s pretty much the only store in the mall I will actually shop at. To make a long 35 min short, I grabbed a pair of jeans & two full workout outfits. I went back & forth in my head… “do I need jeans?!… no Jenn you hate jeans & you have 10 pairs.” Ok self, what about these workout outfits? I do work out every day?! “And you have an entire drawer of workout clothes that hold sweat perfectly fine.”

Elizabeth called… saved by the bell. I dropped everything & walked out & haven’t thought about them since (thanks mom!) & EC (oh that’s Elizabeth’s other name). When she called me, she asked if we could go to Express because she needed some jeans & asked if I could help her. I said sure. I was not worried about Express because I do not shop there. It’s way too overpriced for what it is, not my thing. We walked in & lucky for her the jeans were 40% (around $50- not bad!).  She grabbed a few pair that she thought would fit her body type. She likes the boyfriend and skinny jean which I totally backed her on. Plus EC’s been working out, so the tighter to show off the new toned legs, the better! She got a dark pair & a lighter pair. I loathe light jeans, so they still had some dark in them, more like stone washed. So we needed to get her a shirt.

I found a rack of shirts BOGOHO (buy one get one half off J) haha! They are the nylon half-button down quarter sleeve shirts & I love them. I have a few. They are great to wear to work with work pants, with jeans & I have even worn them with jean shorts & stilettos.

  • OUTFIT ONE: The first one I chose for her was a grey patterned shirts with spouts of black or dark blue in it to go with the dark jeans. I love that the jeans will pull out the darker parts of the shirt to make it pop more. She loved it. When we got home, I helped her chose the shoes & jewelry. For shoes I chose her black Coach flats with a silver Coach emblem on them. The jeans fit her legs so perfectly; the taper at the bottom went great with flats. My legs are so short so that never happens for me… ever! For her jewelry we went with a multi-bead necklace with clear, pewter and silver beads, a matching bracelet and plain studded earrings. EC gets to wear jeans every day to work, but no reason not to up the outfit a bit. I would say this fit her style really well & she looked great & felt great.
  • OUTFIT TWO: The second one we decided on was a black & white polka dot shirt (same style). It was really cute & you can do a lot with black & white, I am a huge fan! We paired it with the stone washed jeans that button up (SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE!), a chunky gold chain necklace & patent leather nude flats. The shirt was a little off white so nude was perfect. The earrings we decided were plain line drop earrings covered in rhinestones to match the necklace & to tie it all together, a multi-colored rhinestone wrap bracelet (WHICH I AM IN DIRE NEED FOR ONE ASAP!!!!!)

Elizabeth was very excited about her styles & she felt great having two complete looks done & ready to go for Monday & Tuesday. I loved seeing her feel so at ease letting me help her. She trusted me & I worked with her to make sure she felt comfortable with the styles I helped select for her.

That is the number one priority when styling- always be sure the person you are working with feels comfortable but you can help them with the vision. A lot of times women walk into a store & think “That outfit looks so cute on the mannequin but I could never pull it off.” Let’s be honest, most mannequins are shaped like Barbie dolls so most real women may not look good in that exact style. But, with a little vision & compromise you can find something pretty damn close that suits your body type.

Cheers everyone!!! XO


My StyleCon (Style Icon)

Even though we all sit here & say “I have my own style, I create my own look,” I still believe we have style icons we look up to & try to mock even. I know I do. I am a big fan of the “I have my own style” saying trust me but I also know I have taken some of my styles from others.

My number one style icon… DRUM ROLL…

Jessica Simpson… I am sure you’re all stunned right now! She is a fashion mogul so it’s not that big of a surprise. I do get a lot of my styling from her on Pinterest and her Instagram. I like to see what she is wearing & if I admire it, I try to duplicate the look.

One of my favorite things about Jessica’s style is that she is really good dressing up a pair of jeans. I have saved some of my favorite styles of hers & in looking at them, I realized more than half are a pair of jeans with a super cute blazer. I still think that is a really classy look. She even pulls it off well with jean shorts. I love jean shorts & a pair of pumps, I would wear that look all the time if I could.

I have 6 JS looks I want to talk about why I chose these particular ones & how you can adjust this look to fit your style or size!


  •        The girl in the green dress. Well first of all, Jess has done an amazing job on her body getting it back to where she really feels comfortable & she looks great. I personally always thought she was gorgeous no matter what size she was. But Oh My Calves! Have you seen those stems?? Even since my eyes locked with her newly shaped calves a few years ago it has definitely been something I have focused on more at the gym. Good job girl.Anyway, I chose this look because it is simple & classic. I don’t really like “trends”, they come & go way too easily so please don’t spend a lot of money on something that will be gone by next season. This dress fits her really well, is a great color & you know is not ever going to go away. I love this dress because it’s a thicker fabric & seems supportive. Let’s call a spade a spade here; J Simps is well endowed. Even if you have a little tummy or large chesticles, this dress seems like it doesn’t show too much off. It’s very flattering, hugs her in the right areas. I love that she kept it simple with just earrings, a bracelet & her ring. In tow is her large black bag & her high strappy shoes. If Jessica is known for anything in her style it’s her oversized totes & her higher than high heels! Hey! Higher the heel, closer to God- amen! image
  • Does this not want you to sail away like yesterday? If perfection was an image, this would be it. Firstly, I love neutral, naturals in the summer with tan skin. I am a huge advocate for tans, taupes, creams etc with gold accents. It’s pretty much my favorite look every right now. She did this perfectly… well… I think it’s a photo shoot but her stylist nailed it. Gold hoops, I don’t care, will never go out of style. They are a classic, especially for me, HELLO JERSEY GIRL! I love the gold accessories & then they hit you with a red (oversized of course) bag that makes everything pop. This truly is a classic look.

 The next 4 styles are what I mentioned earlier on, the jeans with the blazer look. I am so drawn to this look. It’s a bummer for me that I live in Florida because most of the time it’s too hot for a blazer but I have made it work. And like the first one, you can always do it with a pair of cut offs.image

  •   This is my number one favorite Jessica look. I know it is simple, not a lot of bells & whistles but something about it makes me swoon. I love white tee’s for starters so let’s just put that on the pile of reasons. This blazer reminds me of a curtain or an old couch, no joke, which would be hideous if that’s what it’s real purpose was. But, as a blazer I think it’s gorgeous. I love the teal beading around the neckline & how she pulled in her accessories to match. The shorts are plan, the shoes… ok… I am a total sucker for a nude pump. I have 4 pairs. I swear it’s my go-to. I am not a big fan of the bag here though I think she could have done that better but I am still looking for the perfect curtain blazer so I can clone this look.
  • image
  • The second look she is rocking in this umbrella of ja-zer looks. I just made that word up. It’s a combo of jeans & blazers, I like it. So the ja-zer look here is frayed stone washed jeans with a hot pink blazer & a printed tank. This picture was actually taken when she was first pregnant with Ace 🙂 for Weight Watchers. She’s got the nude shoe, which I actually have, in white & I love them. Her accessories are minimal because the shirt has a lot going on.  The hair looks great, her body is perfect. This is a great look because it was when she lost a ton of weight but obviously started gaining since she was pregnant again. But her legs look amazing. So maybe you are caught right now with those extra 10-15 lbs. This is a good look because the jeans are tighter but the top camos out the upper fluffiness. image
  • Who doesn’t love a vintage tee? I actually was listening to the radio the other day & they were saying how half the kids today wear vintage tee’s & do not even know anyone in the band. I actually do know NKOTB & went to the NKOTBSB concert twice in a summer in 2011, so I would have the green light to wear this gem. Jessica wears it well. The hair is fun, young & braids are just the best. I love dark jeans, they are super flattering.  And Ok, she is wearing clogs on her feet. I have this secret obsession with clogs. I think they are absolutely adorable & if I did not live in Florida I would own them in every color. Again she makes it a bit professional with the blazer. All in all, this ja-zer look has all the right stuff. (Like what I did there?!)image
  • Lastly I just liked this look because it’s loungy for her. The jean shorts you can tell are probably one of her favorite pair. She wears them a lot. You know the white tee is getting my approval & I love the patchwork denim. This is a fairly recent pic & denim is really in right now. I really love long necklaces too that are not a lot of drama; basically like her pendant, it’s great. There’s that bag again but this time, I think it’s better & more appropriate with this look. Nude shoes never fail; you cannot go wrong with them or those big giant sunglasses. Good look for being out & about on a Saturday.

I hope everyone enjoyed my WCW mid-week stylecon post. Which was your favorite?!

Have a great week!

Cheers, XO Jenn

“…But all my stuff brings me joy!”

Hey Fashionistas & Followers! Happy Friday!

First, I want to tell you how awesome my Italian themed party was… SUPER AWESOME! The baby lasagna cups came out so good, everyone was obsessed. Likewise, my tortellini skewers along with the sangria were also among the fan-faves! It was kind of crazy because mid-day there was a little wrench thrown into the day when then WALL from under my TV started leaking!!! That took about 2 hours from my minute-by-minute planned day! Turns out my neighbors washer was overflowing. Thank God it was not a broken pipe! PIX BELOW ~ of the party… not the leakage!image

So I am one of those people who “cleans out my closet” about every 3-6 months. I am constantly buying, so I am also constantly donating.  Of course, like anyone else, my mindset is “when is the last time I wore this? Does this still fit or has baby Javier completely ruined that? Is this ugly now?” You would be surprised how many times I buy something, never wear it & then think WTF was I thinking? This is something a troll would wear. I am sure that is what most people think when they are purging.

A few Saturdays ago, I met my girlfriend Elizabeth for coffee in the morning at SBux, as we usually do to catch up on our week, the gossip, drama & all that good stuff. She mentioned a book she was reading & had to do a presentation for work. It was written by a woman named Marie Kondo. She started telling me about the book & Marie’s way of “DE cluttering your life”.

Now I want to set a disclaimer: I have NOT read the book yet. This blog is merely a page of words based on a conversation & situation that I had with my girlfriend which in turn challenged me to do something I did not think I needed to do.

So, she’s telling me about this book & how when Marie DE clutters her life she takes each piece whether it be clothing, books, papers etc and asks if it sparks joy. This is actually what the book is called “Spark Joy”; she told me in this book Marie tells of people who become more happy, less stressed & even skinnier from having their lives tidied up. At this point, I’m like “uh huh, ok yeah I get it but I DE clutter like every other month & frankly at this point everything I own in my closet sparks joy.” So I say “Um I love all my clothes.” And she said back, “you do show a lot of respect for things you own [i.e. I take photos in my clothes & shoes & I do show them a lot of love] but do you do that with every single piece? And even though it looks good, or you like it, does it bring you joy?” My response was, “uh YAH! And I am going to challenge you on this. You go home & do yours & I will do mine.” Now granted, she read the book so she knows the exact precise Marie Kondo way of tidying. I just took the Sparks Notes from what she told me to see if this was even something I could believe in or trust.

Now I was excited because I knew since I had just moved in April that my stuff was pretty “cleared out”. But I did know one thing, my closet was still PACKED & I most likely didn’t NEED all of it. The line between want & need is quite blurred in my mind but, I’m a girl! So she left & I immediately went upstairs & took every piece of clothing I owned off the rack & threw it on my bed. It looked like Mount Fiji of fabric. I didn’t feel overwhelmed though I was excited.


I began by holding each piece in my hand & asking, “Does this bring me joy? Do I love this?” Now if you know me, there are some things I have that I will tell I love it every time I wear it. I do have an emotional attachment to a lot of the articles in my closet which is why I was challenging my GF.  As I started, it was just as I suspected. After about ¼ of the pile I would say I had about 5 things that I discarded.  I sent her a SnapChat saying, “See! I love everything!” I kept going & really tried to focus on my love & joy for each piece. My donation pile started to grow. It actually started to become exhilarating getting rid of things I knew I didn’t need & this point probably really want either.

When I put things back into the closet I also reorganized everything. When I moved in, I put everything in a place I thought it would be best based on when I wear most of the clothing I have. After living there almost 3 months I realized there is a better way so I changed the organization of my closet & I love it so much better. After round one was completed, I had a full bag of clothing to donate. Each of these items, I thanked for being in my life & doing its part. This is another part of the book Elizabeth told me was important. There were some clothes that brought back memories & even though I did not need it anymore it brought me joy at one time & now it was time for it to spark someone else’s joy.

Round two, I seemed to go through pretty easily because I was on a roll. And round two was winter clothes (I live in Florida, why do I have 8 pairs of sweat pants?). I held on to my 7 pairs of Uggs for a good 2 years before I parted with them. I saved a few because I do go home still but really, just a space invader honestly. So anyway, I donated a whole trash bag of winter clothes, 7 pairs of shoes (DO YOU BELIEVE IT?! I swore they all brought me joy!) & about 5 bathing suits. I hoard bathing suits! I live in Florida, what do you want from me? The best part about this was, hours after I purged I couldn’t even remember the things in those bags except for one pair of purple Steve Madden pumps that I am definitely replacing. And I also bought two new bikinis but hey! I ended up donating 3 trash bags & a shopping bag to someone who needs joy in their life & I felt pretty damn good about it!!!

I am not going to post my pictures because like I said, this was a test for me, & Elizabeth is the one who rocked the Marie Kondo way with perfect shirt folding & DE cluttering. She killed it. I am in training haha! I do like what she said about getting rid of shoe boxes with words because it is distracting, this is very interesting to me. I have always kept most of my newer shoes in shoe boxes for a while but now they are just irkin’ my nerve when I look at them. The Kondo way, is to get clear boxes so the lovelies can be seen. If you respect your things, you should be able to see everything! There are some other things from the book I definitely need to learn & I will be reading it. But I challenge you to read “Spark Joy” & go through your closet (one step at a time) to see what you can donate with a different mindset rather than, “This isn’t cute anymore.”



*UPDATE*: I still have yet to read the book(s) & perfect the method but I will get there. I think I did a lot better than I normally would letting go of my beauties; little by little I will get there!

Also a note from Elizabeth HERSELF: “The ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ is the why and the ‘Spark Joy’ is the how to…. The books go together, but she in fact, wrote 2 separate books on this subject.”

So there ya have it, go get BOTH books & challenge yourself to be more open about bringing joy & happiness to your life.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy DE cluttering!

XO Cheers,