Take a Bold Step with Shola Designs

Good Morning pretties ♥

How is your September wrapping up? Here in Florida we are still wearing summer clothing since fall won’t kick in until after Halloween. This is great for me because of these amazing shoes I got from SHOLA Shoes. My obsession is immeasurable! First of all, rose was super hot this summer. Secondly, I love anything with a wooden heel and bold stud. How fantastic are these? Seriously. And the designer, Shola, is just as wonderful. She has a beautiful heart, just as beautiful as her shoes! Learn about Shola HERE


I styled mine with a deep V romper from Macy’s to help accentuate the pink in the paisley print on the romper. I love the colors in this romper because you can take any one of them to accessorize depending on the season. Last year I wore this with a brown hat and brown over-the-knee boots for a November Florida fall look.

Check out SHOLA’s new arrivals as well as some great beauties on sale!


Shop my Kinsley Armelle (use code STYLEMYMIND10 for 10% off) jewelry HERE


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My Skin Care Regime

Good Morning ♥

Being that we are moving into the “colder” months I wanted to take a moment to spotlight my skin products and how I make sure I take extra care of my skin in the colder months.

In the last year or so between my level of stress and my job, (stress + staring at a computer screen) and the sun, I started to notice my 11s getting deeper and deeper. I thought about botox but I didn’t really want to mess with my skin like that just yet. I searched high and low for different wrinkle creams and nothing worked. When I met with a co-worker in Philly I asked how old she was and she said my age and I said “well you have the best skin I have ever seen in my life what do you use?!” She said “KIEHL’S“.




Ironically enough in my Birchbox that month was the Kiehl’s cleansing wash. During the #NSale Marissa & I went into Nordstrom and I got the Kiehl’s eye cream. The large 1.7 will run you about $60 or so. I also bought Fab Girl Slim which contains caffeine to tighten up the pores, a rose spray and lavender coconut oil. I use all of these products, along with my Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kit before bed. I also apply the Kiehl’s and rose spray in the morning as well. What a difference. It has been a little over a month now and they have diminished and I have talked 3 of my friends into buying the cream! I wish I had a before picture but I don’t because I have edited all of them to hide the 11s. I do get a lot of compliments saying how great my skin looks lately and that I am “glowing”… well it’s not a baby so must be my skincare!



I am also still using my Bodyography microderm & daily wash as well! You must try it … use STYLEMYMIND25 for 25% off!


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

Vintage Style with Modage

Good Morning!!! ♥

Are we ready to break out the boots yet? We all know that is the BEST part about fall fashion, am I right? I can’t wait to wear mine. I have stocked up on some great booties, but I always have my fall back to faves; my over-the-knee riding boots! I bought them for Europe in 2015 and still have them to this day from Kohl’s.

One of the “trends” this fall is vintage; a lot of vintage. Vintage plaid, vintage necklines, vintage fur… etc! You know I work with a great vintage designer who modernizes vintage finds and resells it! I did a photoshoot for her in July and broke out my OTK boots which looked AH-MaZiNg with this Modage dress. Please excuse my hair… this was in the trenches of summer [Humidity + Rain = Devil}. How cute is though for real??

Check out her site for more like this!


IMG_9814IMG_9815IMG_9816Xo, Cheers!

Fall into Fashion with Fab’rik

Hey, hey! ♥

Good Morning fashionistas!! I am so glad it’s September! Et toi?! Fall is great in Tampa. No more scorching like we’re in the depths of firey hell, no more monsoons, no more frizzy 80s hair! It’s finally beach weather… for us! For you, it’s just about time to break out the booties!

I found this cute little lace trimmed green crop at Fab’riks summer sale in July before I went to Miami. I love evergreen, I don’t own much of it which is shocking since I love Christmas. I spent weeks trying to figure out what to wear it with. It was too long for regular jeans, I don’t wear highwaisted pants and it’s too baggy to tuck in. I finally thought, “OMG duh how cute would this be with my mid-length maxi, booties & a hat for fall!?” I also paired it with flip flops and no hate for summer; I love fashion that is transitional! I think it turned out super cute. What do you think?

Don’t be discouraged if you buy something and feel like you have no clue what to wear it with. It happens to the best of us. Don’t put so much pressure or overthink it. Sometimes, it’s right there in the simplest form! Or call me for help 🙂


Don’t forget to check out FAB’RIK & all they have to offer from Tampa & Miami!

Xo, Cheers!

Fall 2017 Preview: Vintage Modage

Good Morning!! ♥

It’s here!!!! September is fashion month!!!!!!

I am super excited to be sharing a preview of the fall looks coming your way from Vintage Modage ETSY store! I joined designer Rebecca Fishel and 3 models on a Sunday afternoon at Fodder and Shine in Seminole Heights, Florida. We were able to get through almost 60 outfits in 4 hours. It was incredible.

Shop Vintage Modage Here

Some of the “trends” for fall are  styles being recycled right in the ETSY shop!

Bold Reds 


Vintage Necklines


Belted Coats





Ruffled Sleeves & Deconstruction 


Vintage Hats (styled by yours truly- the hat is mine, dress is VM)


Some of my other faves from the day….


Get your vintage on, it’s HOT for fall 2017!

Xo, Cheers!

The Perfect White Tee

Good Morning ♥

Is there something you wear and just makes you feel sexy and comfy at the same time?! For me, it’s the perfect white tee from Nordstrom rack. This tee is my absolute fave because it’s thin, cozy and has the perfect fit. It’s not overly large so it doesn’t make me feel like a whale, it’s kind of loosely, formfitting if that makes sense. Right now they are 3 for $18. I got two white and one black!

These are great to wear with a pair of jeans or a cute pencil skirt. I have worn it with a faux leather midi-skirt and also with legging trousers and a blazer! Super versatile. It is a little see-through so I wore a little cami bra under it instead of an actual bra.


Sunnies: Amazon
Necklace: White House Black Market
Jeans: Target Style 
Shoeties: Jessica Simpson


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

Where to Find the Best Swim Sales

Good Morning ♥

Happy almost Labor day aka happy end of summer sale shopping! This is the best time of year, especially for Floridians because our summer is still about two months from being over and we still get the purged left-overs at the stores! Yeah, sometimes it may take you a while to find your size or matching tops and bottoms but for the most part now is the time of year to stock up on next year’s suits! This suit was from Mirina Collections but I have found it cheaper at T&J Designs on their Instagram page & use their anniversary code for 25% off ANNI25.





H&M is running about 40% off and some cuties to offer. What I love about H&M is that you can mix and match pretty easily and the fit is good. A lot of their plain suits can run anywhere from $5 a piece to $15. Some of the fancier tops and bottoms will run anywhere from $25-45. The sale has just started so I am sure 40% will soon turn to 60%.


⇒Shop Urban Oufitters

I never checked into UO for swim but I really like it. And they feature one of the designers from MIAMI SWIM Frankie’s Bikinis. One pieces were hot this summer and UO has a ton of sexy ones! Looks like they are about 30% for the start of the sale!


⇒Shop ASOS

I love ASOS and they have up to 70% off of 61 pages of swimwear! This is a must visit site. They have some great looks and the prices are just as great. ASOS is a affordable fashion and they have basics to swim to accessories and shoes. They even have men’s! Check it out!

Xo. Cheers!