Product Review: Isotonix



Daily Essentials Packet; everything you need in one serving!



I love that the products are powdered and in individual to-go packets since A. vitamin pills hurt my stomach and B. I am constantly on the move!



Read more about Trim Tea below!


The holidays have come and gone, the work outs slowed down and the booozin’ and foodin’ were in full swing. Until this last year I did not realize how important vitamins really were for your health in many ways. And, not even just vitamins but other products as well (which I am about to share with you). I always took regular gel pill multivitamins from CVS or wherever was on sale but a lot of times they would make me sick so I would just stop taking them. The pill was too harsh on my sensitive stomach.

Before I deep dive into the products I want to share my story, the short version. I have always had stomach issues my whole life. Dairy was never my friend and I sometimes felt like I was a boarder line IBS candidate. I was always careful of what I was eating and drinking, until I wasn’t. Last Christmas (as stated above) I started the downward spiral of drinking too much red wine, eating too much pasta sauce and acidic foods and over Christmas break I was very sick. I spent it not really drinking or eating and if I did I would be doubled over in pain and nausea the next day. I saw my Dr when I returned to Florida from New Jersey and they put me on an acid re-flux medication, Protonix, which helped for a little while.

Ironically, when I went back to New Jersey in June (maybe it’s just that place that makes me sick!? hmmm…) I was in the hospital with intense, sharp stomach pains. I was on the bathroom floor crying and could not hold anything in my body for over 24 hours, which was when I went to the hospital. I was certain it was my appendix. I was there for what felt like 100 hours when the Dr told me that I had inflamed and swollen lymph nodes on my intestines. I contracted it from a child, most likely a stomach virus that attacked my intestines and there was nothing to do. No medication to take and no food or drink to avoid. I was still careful, until the next day when I drank again (stupid girl). Long story short, I came back to Florida and the pain was still not going away. I approached my friend Holly who is a Certified Nutraceutical Consultant for Market America products such as Isotonix and TLS about two months after this had happened in August. She suggested a few things to get me on to try to take care of this issue I had with natural supplements. I did all this and added some OPC3 (not pictured) and in just a few weeks the pain almost completely subsided. I still feel like I have IBS and am being tested for it but these products have helped me live a healthier day-to-day lifestyle. I highly suggest the OPC3 because it assists with inflammation and I know my intestines are inflamed.



She recommended a multivitamin, medical grade aloe juice, and probiotics with enzymes. All of these products are in a powder form that you put with water so they are less harsh on the gut and easier for me to consume.

I have been on them for 3 months, and I can honestly tell you:

  1. My body has never felt better: my stomach is regulated, I am no longer in pain and I have more energy.
  2. Everyone is telling me how great I look and I truly believe these products not only help promote internal health but out as well. My skin is healthier and my weight is maintaining much better.
  3. I can still drink alcohol and have my cheat days. I am very careful about my alcohol consumption. I really try not to over do it or drink too many days in a row because that is when I do get the intestinal pains but the aloe does help with that.All of the products are linked below!All products are linked below, just click on the hyperlink direct to the product.

Ultimate Aloe Bottles
Ultimate Aloe Powder (for on the go)

If you are going to get the aloe, I would suggest getting the regular flavor because it’s more potent and really helps cleanse.





Only take a white cap full of this, not the clear measurement! And I will honestly mix this and my probiotics and aloe all together. My little Iso-Cocktail!


Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics




Trim Tea

⇒The Facts
In a double-blind placebo 10-week controlled study
on WellTrim ® iG,

52 participants lost an average of
28 pounds and 6.3% body fat

In other clinical studies, WellTrim® iG, resulted in:
 51.7% reduction in C-Reactive Protein Levels
 22.5% reduction in blood glucose levels
 80.9% reduction in fat production
 26.3% reduction in total Cholesterol
 27.2% reduction in LDL Cholesterol

Image result for trim tea

Image result for trim tea

This is the new product I am so excited to try.

Thank you Isotonix & Holly. You saved me 🙂

♥OH!! Shoppers, the best thing about ordering from is CASH BACK! Who doesn’t love that!?!!

Please feel free to email me with any questions you have: or Holly Howroyd

XO, Cheers!

A MAUVElous Hue

Hey ladies ♥

So I have a few favorite colors for winter, like burgundy and evergreen. I felt like these were my go-to’s for fall/holiday months, but I also started buying a lot of mauve, accidentally and then when I got home I realized everything I bought was mauve haha! It was a realization how much I love it!!

Here are the reasons I love this color so much. I feel like even though it’s a pink hue, it still has some warmer tones in it so it can also be a great winter color that transitions perfectly into spring. I love it with darker colors like black or blue pants for work, or dark denim. I love the contrast. I think it’s a color that compliments my skin tone well. I have a pinkish tone to my skin so I think it makes my cheek color pop really well.

I couldn’t find this one online, I got it back Friday weekend at Zara but linking another like it. Lettuce Edge Mock Neck Top (only $9.99).



Draped Neck Cardigan from Zara 



How cute are these ripped mauve denims from Scout & Molly’s in Hyde Park? I know they are working on their site but here is a link to all their locations. I also found identical ones from American Eagle that I linked.







XO, Cheers!

How to Wear Your Blanket Scarf

Happy Friday ♥

I recently came across this company ILYMIX and fell in love with their blanket scarves.  Even though I live in Florida I have a few trips planned in January that I will be in desperate need of a scarf and winter-wear like Nashville and Hartford! So I bought two, one for me and one for my friend Tracy who was spending New Years in the mountains in Georgia. She loves it just as much as I do. They have a ton of colors and patterns to choose from!

The reason I love this brand so much is because it’s not overly thick or heavy. The material is really nice and their pricing is great. Most of them are under $35 and mine was only $22.90 plus FREE SHIPPING! And if you use my code jenn20 you receive 20% off!!!! They also have hats and beanies, oblong scarves and ponchos (all hyperlinked).

Ok, how to wear it. Wrap it around and tuck it under. I like this wrap when it’s super cold and I want to cover my neck and my face a little. I can kind of burrow my nose into it haha!





Drape it over the shoulders for a more casual look. It’s so big that the two sides still touch so it covers your neck and chest. Bag is Kate Spade, there are a ton like this linked!! My favorite bomber ever is linked here! I am obsessed with the embroidery on this leather bomber. It’s fantastic.



Wear it like a cape! You can totally rock it like a shawl too. This scarf is basically 3 outfits in one! Ok, so I am also linking the rest of this look. My jeans are Harper boyfriend jean from Black Orchid and are on sale for $103. They are the best!! The best fit and best material! Good investment. My white tee is from Nordstrom Rack. And my bag is from {A.} Haley boutique in South Tampa. My booties above are Jessica Simpson from (earn cash back from shopping!). Sunnies are Quay.





I got the above booties from Poshmark but I am linking a pair like it here, except they are beige. Here is an evergreen pair as well!

Get your scarf today before winter is over!!!

For step by step video tutorial click here!

XO, Cheers!

A Vintage New Years Eve

Good Morning!! ♥

How was everyone’s Christmas? Did you get everything you asked Santa for?! 🙂 I hope you are all having a super chill week, relaxing and preparing for the new year. Can you believe it’s going to be 2018? Wasn’t is just Y2K like one second ago? Seriously. Ok so I am not a huge New Year’s Eve fan, I really like to stay in and do low key celebrations with good friends but if you are going out, you’re going to want to look killer, right? And the worst thing to a woman ever is showing up in the same dress as someone else. #FAIL

Here is a great way to avoid that! SHOP VINTAGE! Let’s be honest, the style then was so over-the-top and  perfect NYE style. Vintage Modage has some amazing selections for exactly every vibe you are going for:


& so much more! This dress is not vintage but I love the vintage appeal. The best part is, chances of anyone walking into that party donning the same dress is really not likely. Stand out in any of these stunning finds!





XO, Cheers & Happy New Year!



Comfortable for Christmas

Hi There ♥

Have you gotten your Christmas wear yet? I don’t know about you but sometimes Christmas is like Thanksgiving. You are expected to wear a ball gown just to hang around a kitchen or post-up on the couch all day pigging out like it’s the last supper! Christmas Eve was always my dress up night, bring out the high heels and tool skirts I want to be overly presentable for church on Jesus’ birthday (or eve of). But Christmas day I think the idea is to be comfy, casual and stylish am I right?

That’s why I think this is a great look for Christmas day. I love this long button down faux plaid flannel from Scout and Molly’s in Hyde Park.  They do not yet have a website, however, they have stores everywhere so I linked the locator site. I paired it with none other than a bralet because why would you wear anything else to lay around? And again my pleather Armani leggings. Which you can just throw on some cotton ones for more comfort. I also got these bad ass suede combat boots there too for a low-key look. I just love these colors too, so warm and cozy. Be sure to check out Scout and Molly’s this week to grab your holiday gear!








XO Cheers & Merry Christmas!!



Mens Party Wear 🥂


I am not a big NYE person. Is it me or do plans constantly fall through or everything is a million dollars and way too overcrowded? Ok, I’m done now 🙂 I guess it can be fun haha!

But if you are heading out, guys, here are some great looks to don. 





Blue seems to be a NYE go-to color so we picked out some looks based on a low-key or more dressed up evening. The one at the top is a linen non-suit we will call it. This is a Florida look when it’s winter… about 60 degrees. It’s hard for these guys to wear full on suits down here so we need to give ’em a break. I like this because it’s not over-the-top linen looking so he can still wear this in the fall and possibly winter. 



This look, again, my favorite navy blue 🙂 we paired with light pink and white. Isn’t it great when guys wear pink? Brett has like a thousand shirts and a few pink and purples and I appreciate it. Again, wearing lighter colors with darker really makes the pink pop! 


We paired the mid-brown shoes with this one. Brett actually wore this for NYE one year and wore a really cute little silver metallic pom pom with his pocket square… haha I can say it was cute. It was. And also, manly!






Well that’s all for fall and winter’s men-wear. Come back in the spring for more!

Xo, Cheers!

“Change Your Life” Kinda Products

Hey dolls ♥

I wanted to do a quick product blog because  lately everyone has been telling me how great I look. I don’t know if it’s that I love my job now, less stress in my life, new vitamins or facial products…. or the combination of everything but I wanted to share some of my faves with you.
**No I am not getting paid for sharing these!

Here is my bedtime routine!

Holy Grail Beauty Co.


I just bought the calming chamomile daily cleanser  by Holy Grail Beauty Co to mix with below, NEEDCRYSTALS. Which are micro-derm mini crystals, like sand almost. I like it because it’s dry so I can mix with a cleanser, or water or coconut oil! I also just started using Holy Grail hydrating clay mask. My sister and my friend Olivia said they both use them and since I love being a homebody I thought this would be good to do at night watching Grey’s Anatomy while I whiten my teeth!


IMG_4646 (1)

Advanced Clinicals


First I apply my hyaluronic acid *pat, pat, pat!! DO NOT RUB INTO YOUR SKIN LADIES! It stretches the skin even more which causes… you guessed it, wrinkles!* I apply this to the t-bone, and my crows feet. Then I do the same with the collagen, I also use the collagen two times a day on my lips which I can attest has given me a fuller pout! Lastly I apply the coconut oil to my face. I also use Kiehl’s daily as well. I just got the green coffee bean so I am not sure how that’s going to work YET, but I will report back! It is a thick consistency and I enjoy the smell 🙂

The best part about these products (except Kiehl’s) is they are all UNDER $10!!!!

Picture 1: Feb 2017 (no Isotonix, no face product- check out the lips!)
Picture 2: Nov 2017 (3 months of Isotonix, 1 month of Advanced Clinicals)


More testimonials:

My friend, Tamy Lugo, of VStylist is the one who introduced me to these products and I am so thankful. She also did a review based on her experience with the products as well, which were all positive! (Linked above).

Hair Products


My two new favorite hair products are for that Jersey girl big hair look. I love textured non-greasy roots. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is unreal. It is literally the best product I have used, next to their dry shampoo! It is pricey but SO worth it! Big Head by Bed Head is a foam that you use on damp hair prior to blow drying. I put this on the top layer as well as at the root in the front and a layer underneath. Then I will take a round brush to lift the root. You can then take your fingers and kind of massage the scalp for some good height. These two are the dynamic duo!


My face and hair feel the best they ever had. Before you start questioning let me be 100% honest: my face in this picture is 100% NO MAKEUP, just the collagen! Yes I pencil in my eyebrows and yes I have clip in extensions I put in sometimes (not in this photo). Hope that clears it all up!

Like your health these are other necessities we must pay constant care to and really invest in for the long haul!

Xo, Cheers!