Men’s Monday; Accessories

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Happy Monday! Today’s blog is on my favorite men’s accessories. We will be featuring, sunnies, hats and watches!

Sunnies ⇒ brought to you by

These are my top 3 picks for men’s eye wear. I love a little color pop, show a little boldness! The classic aviator never goes out! And classic Wayferers are in the same boat. Cool & classy just the way we like yas! I LOATHE the skinny sport sunglasses, they are old-manish & not sexy at all.


Hats –>brought to you by

I love fedors, all & every fedora. I also really love when guys wear paperboy hats, I love them; don’t be shy guys! And the ever-so-classic straw fedora hat that says maybe I am going to the beach, or maybe I am mowing the lawn… who knows but still these are my top 3!

Last but not least, watches…

Watches–> brought to you by

Keep is simple & classy. I prefer Movado because of those two reasons. I don’t like a lot of junk in or on a man’s watch. I do like this Fossil for boating or a day watch though, the only approval! You got your classy, your outdoorsy & your sporty all right here!


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How to Wear a Backless Romper or Dress

Happy Friday beauty queens ♥

How are we holding up in the hot Florida weather? Or whichever kind of summer weather you are having. I know down here, the less clothes in August the better and this romper is perfect for the hot summer months.

I bought this beauty from Poppy Apparel ⇒See “Shop My Style” page. On the website it showed it being a more navy color but when I received it, it was a royal blue which I was happier with. I did not like the belt it came with so I replaced it with my own from Nine West.

This particular romper is a bit tighter in the chest so I was able to go bare, however, if you cannot just throw a little tape on ’em, they will survive. I like this though because it does actually hold them up so you do not have to wear anything. This is a medium and pretty true to size. It is very form fitting around the hips and the waist and forgiving in the belly area (Hallelujah!)

Get it here and use code STYLEMYMIND10 for 10% off your order ⇒ Royal Blue Romper


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

At Home Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Good Morning Beauties ♥

Smiles are always in style and don’t forget that! It is a fact that people who smile are more likely to attract positive vibes and a happier lifestyle! Seems like a simple enough concept but some people need to be reminded, I was one of them! When I started blogging, I stopped smiling with my teeth a lot in photographs, and the reason was two fold. One, because I felt like it showcased my wrinkles more around my eyes and two I did not feel like my teeth were up to par.


My mom put me in braces when I was in 5th grade. Of course it was like the worst thing ever. What teenager in the most awkward stage of life doesn’t want a mouth full of metal? That lasted oh about three and a half years! Granted, it was the best choice she ever made for me because I had perfect teeth by 9th grade, when it really mattered!

As I got older and went to college, coffee became my BFF. Coffee and I did everything together; we woke up together, studied together and sometimes just took afternoon walks through the quad together on a cool fall day. It was a great relationship that is still going strong.


Around my 22nd year of life, I found a new love that overshadowed coffee by replacing our afternoon strolls with happy hours, tastings and girls nights… red wine. While coffee keeps me going, red wine keeps me sane.




They definitely are the dynamic duo but my lovely teeth that my mom and dad worked so hard to pay for, are now paying the price for my relationships. I constantly see these bloggers on Instagram with perfectly whitened teeth and I am envious. I felt like I could not wear bright colored lip gloss because it just made my teeth look worse than they really were. No, they’re not yellow, like a submarine, but more like the color of a manila envelope. I don’t pass the tissue test to say the least. But now, with Smile Brilliant’s at home teeth whitening kit I have a new, whiter smile and feel confident showing off my teeth in pictures, wearing pinks and reds smeared across my grin and I can still have my two best relationships with coffee and red wine (check out how food stains our teeth!).


The process is so simple! Smile Brilliant sends you a kit with a mold that you make with a putty. Send it back in the pre-postaged bag (domestic orders only, international orders still have to cover shipping and impressions postage) they provide and they will return your custom fitted teeth whitening trays within a few days. You use the gel once a day for 2-3 weeks depending how dramatic your stains are and watch your teeth go from egg shell to pearl white in days! (The average person will need 7-14 whitening applications) I am super impressed with this professional teeth whitening system and the ease of it, so much, that I partnered with them to give one lucky winner a chance to win the T3 Sensitive kit worth $139. All you have to do is like my photograph, follow me, and fill out the form in the link below! This giveaway will run from August 23-September 6 at 11:59pm and the winner is chosen via email!




Don’t miss this opportunity to build your confidence and in such an easy way. After all, you’re never fully dressed without a smile!


Xo, Cheers! Jenn

Channeling my Inner “B”; Blair Waldorf that is

Hello Glamour Queens  ♥

In the beginning of summer I became obsessed with Gossip Girl. I never got into it when it was on originally but I watched the One Tree Hill series over and over about 5 times so I needed to switch it out. Sometimes, I just need a total chick flick binge sesh and I heard this was the perfect show for that. I also heard how much I am like and would adore Blair Waldorf. Those people were 100% accurate in their assumptions! Not only do I love her girlboss personality, but I am highly attracted to her goddess fashion style. It is very classic with a pinch of modern!

Image result for blair waldorf style

Image result for blair waldorf style

Image result for blair waldorf style

Channeling my inner B….
Pants: Elle – Kohl’s
Shirt: Elle – Kohl’s
Hat: Marshall’s 


XoXo, Gossip Girl!


Xo, Cheers! Jenn



Vintage Modage; Louis Vuitton Love

Good Morning my little gemstones ♥ Happy Modage Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend?! Hopefully fantastic! So you know I am working with my friend and her ETSY shop: Vintage Modage which i LOVE LOVE LOVE! You walk into her house and it’s literally like a decades boutique with every era known to the vintage heart.

I did a mini shoot with her a few weeks back and the first dress I put on was this AH-MAZING a-line Louis Vuitton puppy (be-still my heart). The quality of this dress is just ureal. They just don’t make things this way anymore I swear. It hugs the waist tightly but flows out like an “A” which is one of my favorite dress lines because it’s so flattering. I fell in love. I am still considering buying it, so if you love it… I’ll race you! Side note: THIS IS SOLD OUT BUT CHECK THE SITE FOR MORE LIKE IT!

Shop Modage Here




XO, Cheers! Jenn

SWIM MIAMI: Lila Nikole & Frankie’s Bikinis

Good Morning ♥

The last two shows VStylist and I attended on Saturday night after the SI show was Lila Nikole and then Frankie’s Bikinis. They were both hosted at “the tent” at The Vintro Hotel a few blocks down from the W. The tent was set up like  a more traditional tented fashion show.

Lila Nikole ‘s line is awesome. It is colorful and fun with a touch of sass. I loved how she incorporated children and men in the show, which I had not seen the entire swim week. The models were great, the children were adorable and the line was upbeat. Definitely one of the top shows for me. Some of the “trends” I saw at swim week were cut-out and mesh one pieces, deep V’s, one shoulder and lots of booty!!!!

My faves ⇓⇓⇓.. wonder why!? *Smirk*

which are your faves?

Images Alexander Tamargo for Getty Images

Frankie’s Bikiniswas the last show we attended. It was crazy. The line, or lack there of to get in was ridiculous. Everyone was pushing and shoving. It was like a stampede of 200 people trying to get through two doors at the same time; like Justin Timberlake was waiting inside with a bottle of Cakebread and a brand new car!

The bikinis and the show was great. It was really fun and I LOVED how she had movies from the 90s playing. I am all about the 90s, so that definitely got a star from me. The suits were cute, the hair on the models was perfectly long and straight like Barbie. Frankie’s swimwear is wearable and cute, it has practicability along with style! We see more of the mesh one pieces, one shoulder & cheeky designs here as well!

Here’s my faves ⇓⇓⇓

Which are your faves?

Images by Alexander Tamargo for Getty Images

Xo, Cheers!

Swim Miami: Fab’rik Style

Hey there ♥

Sorry for the overwhelming posts from Swim Week but I love sharing all of my looks with you. This is one of my favorites from my favorite boutique, Fab’rik in South Tampa! I tried staying away from too many off-the-shoulder tops but they’re so cute right now and so Miami I had to indulge.

For the Friday night shows I wore this beautiful floral off-the-shoulder top from Fab’rik with my white denims from Nordstrom Rack. My cross body bag is from DSW as are my shoes which are BGBC Maxazria. No, they are not the Valentino’s. I love fashion but to spend $1000 on a pair of shoes which are just going to get ruined is even beyond my own mind. My earrings are from Amazon Fashions for $10.

IMG_9463 (1)IMG_9464IMG_9465

During the day on Saturday we went to Escape Miami which is a convention type setting which was held at the Shelborne Hotel on Miami Beach. It was fantastic, hot as hell outside, but just fabulous. The venue was held partially inside and outside. There were all types of vendors: clothing, jewelry, soaps and oils, massages, brow and blow bar, henna tattoos and even spray tanning. The event was hosted by Peroni Italian beer and they also had Prosecco frozen pops and champs! My friend Judy brought pieces from her amazing Jewelry Boutique called Mimosa Boutique. I love her stuff. Here are some of her pieces that I styled my Fab’rik top with.


MmM that pop was exactly what I needed to cool down on such a hot day. I loved layering the necklaces with a choker and my new obsession are the open rings. Absolutely perfection in every way!

More pictures from the event and mini swim show they hosted! How cool is this setting!?


Check out Fab’rik and Mimosa Boutique Miami!!

Xo, Cheers!